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Fourth Day of Christmas

Fourth Day of Christmas

I realize that I have an old soul.  I like to joke that I’m a reincarnated 1940’s housewife because I’m so drawn to vintage old-fashioned things, especially from that era.  When it comes to Christmas decorating, it’s the same way.  I’m especially drawn to items that have a long history and show craftsmanship, like the Bavarian and Austrian Springerle molds above.  The Fourth Day of Christmas features old-fashioned baking using cookie molds and stamps.

I started collecting the wood cookie presses a few years ago when I first stumbled across them.  They’re a form of craft that dates back hundreds of years.  The molds are so pretty to look at that they even have a round hook where you can hang them on the wall (when not in use).  They come in all sorts of shapes, patterns, and themes (not just Christmas).

The best place I’ve found to get them in the U.S. is House on The Hill.  Springerle cookies have their own dough recipe that works with the cookie press.  I make them more for how they look than how they actually taste, though.  The cookie presses came from Williams Sonoma a few years ago, and can still be found today.  They also have a nostalgic look to them and are fun for the holidays!  I’ve linked to them in the widget below.

Fourth Day of ChristmasFourth Day of ChristmasFourth Day of ChristmasFourth Day of ChristmasFourth Day of ChristmasFourth Day of Christmas

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