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Sixth Day of Christmas

Sixth Day of Christmas

Candlelight and Firelight are probably the biggest things that gets me through Winter.  I especially love using them at Christmastime.  When I was younger and my family lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, my family started the tradition of putting candles in our windows.  I’ve continued the tradition with my own family and in my own home.  The Sixth Day of Christmas features candlelight in windows during the long and dark Winter months.

Last year, I put brass Christmas wreaths with an attached candle to light our home.  This year, I’m using brass candlesticks on a tray with pine boughs in all the windows.  Because I living in an old farmhouse with lathe and plaster walls, the windows have a depth of ten inches, so it’s easy to do.  Most homes don’t have windows with that much depth, so I’ve linked to some smaller flameless wax candles if you’d like to do something similar.  I especially love the one with the little handle.

Do you have this Christmas tradition as well?

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Sixth Day of ChristmasSixth Day of Christmas

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