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Third Day of Christmas

Third Day of Christmas

I’ve had a love affair with grainsack for years.  What appeals to me about it is the history, simplicity, and the muted color palette.  A few years ago, I bought some vintage grainsack and designed my family’s Christmas stockings using it.  I love how the cuff has the stripes, and the rest of it is plain.  I used a red stripe for the girls and a blue stripe for the boys’ stockings.  I then added the fabric covered buttons and everyone’s monograms to them.  The third day of Christmas features these darling French grainsack stockings.

Because grainsack is hard to find and can be expensive, a lot of people try to make their own using hemp.  A couple of years ago, I designed a tablecloth that mimicks the look of grainsack for a Christmas tablecloth.  I used linen fabric and a skinny red ribbon to make the stripes.  You can find that blog post here.  Etsy is also a great place to find grainsack, and I’ve purchased some from this shop and this shop before.

If you don’t want to make your own Christmas stockings, you can purchase them.  I’ve linked to some cute ones in the widget below as well as some other grainsack products.  Have you used grainsack before?

Third Day of ChristmasThird Day of ChristmasThird Day of Christmas

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