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Visioning In Design

Visioning In Design

Whenever I start a new design project with a client, I always tell them the most important part of the design process is the visioning. Visioning in design captures the aesthetic, mood, and style of the home. Basically, it drives the whole design process, and any decision relating to the design of the home goes back to the original visioning.

If the vision is tight, it makes the design process so much easier. If the vision hasn’t been clearly defined, it makes the design process longer and messier. As an interior designer, I spend a good portion of time making sure the visioning is exactly what the client and I want for their home. Some people don’t understand how important this part is–they just want to immediately jump into the fun part of picking finishes (and who can blame them? It is the most exciting part!)

Even in my own home, I use visioning. I created this exterior design board of our future mountain house to show the style direction we want to use. We want it to be small with wooden logs; have a stone fireplace; have a covered porch; and most of all, to be nestled in the pine trees. It definitely creates a clear picture of what we want the exterior to look like.

If you want your home to be designed well, start with good visioning first! As my good friend, Brad Houston said, “You don’t create a home before you know it’s character.” Visioning helps define the character of a home.

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