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Home’s Color Palette And Style Aesthetic

Home's Color Palette and Style Aesthetic
One of my goals as an interior designer is to have the design process done before ground is broken to start digging. If the design is completed ahead of time, it saves a lot of money because you don’t have design changes and change orders that quickly add up. Since our home’s design is finished and there’s some time before we start building, I can spend time on projects that I want to use in our home. It makes it so much easier knowing ahead of time our home’s color palette and style aesthetic.

If you missed my earlier post on Axeholme’s visioning, one of my goals for our home is for it to be a showcase home of craftsmanship. Some of the details I want to include are listed below:
-Craftsmanship Details
-Scandinavian-Inspired Door Headers To Represent Ancestry
-Organic Cabinetry Cutouts
-Hand-Hewn Ceiling Beams
-Timbers Lining Hallway
-Beds With Homemade Quilts
-Skirted Cabinetry
-Shiplap In Informal Rooms
-Soft Muted Color-Palette With Warm Tones
-Open Dish Shelves For Display/Use
-Stitcheries As Art

Right now while I have time, I’m working on the homemade quilts, stitcheries, and another handmade project. I’ve had a stamped tablecloth from Lindhorst Handicrafts for years and years and am finally going to work on it. I’m using our home’s soft muted color palette to pick the embroidery colors I want to use in the design. Of course I’m going to use some blues and greens, and maybe a touch of yellow. All our paint colors will be Farrow and Ball, which are more saturated that regular paint colors. It’s going to be really pretty!

I’d love to know what do you think!

Home's Color Palette and Style Aesthetic
Home's Color Palette and Style Aesthetic
Home's Color Palette and Style Aesthetic

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