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Tis The Season For Home Remodeling

Season For Home Remodeling

As an interior designer, I often get asked the question of when’s the best time to remodel. I always tell my clients the same thing–the best time is during the off-season for contractors (search for premier remodel companies near me). Spring is the best season for home remodeling because it’s right before the busy season for both contractors and interior designers. If you are in need of replacing your siding then now is the time to look for a great siding contractor in Atlanta.

There are many advantage of remodeling your home at the end of Winter and during the Spring months. The first is that you can save significantly on the cost of the remodel. Because contractors slow down their production during these months, it’s easier to negotiate a lower rate than during the peak season. Material costs can also be lower during this time. Find some builders in your area and ask them to come out and give you a quote!

Another reason to remodel during the Spring months is because you can get your project completed, or at least well on its way before everyone’s schedules book up. Contractors, especially, get booked up for Summer projects way in advance. To avoid delays and problems, it’s easier to start before the busy season begins.

If you’re interested in remodeling your home and don’t know where to start, try my 45-minute design strategy session. It’s a great way to get some professional interior design advice and direction. We can discuss your needs and come up with some solutions that work for you. I’m happy to serve you!

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