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Small Is Beautiful

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When I was in school getting my degree for interior design, one of my assignments was to design a tiny house. By tiny, I mean it had to be less than 1000 square feet. The book, Tiny Book of Tiny Houses, is a great reference if you’re interested in small living. Since that assignment, I’ve been designing houses on both large and small scales, and the one thing that I’ve realized is that small is beautiful.

I’ve both lived in and designed large houses, but there’s something special about small houses. There’s a coziness and intimacy that’s hard to recreate in larger homes. I’ve been reading The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less. One of the things the author talks about is how our American society wants to super-size everything. House sizes go up while family sizes go down.

Living Small

As I’ve been designing our own mountain home, I’ve been studying smaller homes. Some of them have such romantic-sounding names like frontier cabins, honeymoon cottages, and Sunday houses. It’s interesting to see to see how people used such small spaces.

I’ve also become fascinated by tiny writer’s retreats where famous authors lived and worked for years. Apparently living small helps with creativity! During the Golden Age of Hollywood, there were even writer’s huts where Hollywood movie scriptwriters were forced to stay until they finished their job.

Although our home won’t be that extreme or tiny, it’s been helpful to study smaller homes. With our house, I’m trying to think through all the square footage so every space is usable and there’s no wasted space. It’s been an eye-opening process that I can’t wait to share with you!

Finally, if you want to see the modern tiny house I designed in school, you can find it in my book. So You Want To Be An Interior Designer: Interior Design School Handbook is available on Amazon.

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