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Every designer develops their own style and method for the design process. There’s no right way or wrong way–it’s more about personal preference and personality. During my internship and first few years working as a junior designer, I had wonderful mentors who taught me about historical precedent styles and visioning. To this day, I still design the way they taught me–by gathering information from the past and translating it to the present day. As an example, our mountain house, Axeholme, is a design based on a fusion of two different historical styles–Viking and Mountain-style living.

Although the two styles aren’t that different, my goal in this design is to have elements of each but with a modern interpretation. The name Axeholme is Scandinavian in origin, and we’re using the symbol of two crossed Viking axes as a logo for the home. During my research of Viking history, I learned that the axe historically stands for bravery, strength, and audacity. It also conveys the heart’s or mind’s ability to cut through that which holds one back to forge boldly ahead. Using the symbol of the axe, I’ve even designed some sliding metal fireplace screen doors that will feature it.

Research and collecting images and ideas of the two different styles is what’s driving the visioning of our home. Visioning is important because it determines what your home will look like in the end. Over the years, I’ve learned that the best interior design projects work because of successful visioning.

One of the biggest frustrations about interior design is when clients don’t understand the process (and expense). I completely understand when clients want to jump straight to the fun part of picking finishes and colors, but if you don’t spend the time tightening the visioning, it’s hard to know what the house is supposed to look like in the end.

Because I’ve spent time researching the project, visioning it, and even naming, I have a clear picture of the house in my head. I know exactly what each room looks like as well as the colors and finishes I’m going to use. That’s the beauty of trusting in the design process and doing it correctly. If you rush through the process or skip entire steps to save money, the design won’t be as good.

Like everything in life, if you want GREAT design, you have to pay for it. And the amount of money you spend is reflected in the quality of the design and the final outcome.

I’ll be sharing more of the design of Axeholme so keep checking back! In the meantime, you can see some of the historical precedent study, general visioning, and the floor/furniture plans. Finally, if you need help with the visioning of your home’s design, I’d be happy to help you! You can find my interior design services here.


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