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Design The Life That You Want

Design The Life That You Want

I’ve always admired women who’ve figured out what’s important to them in life and simplified the rest. For women, especially, there’s such a pressure to do everything and have everything. Frankly, it’s exhausting and impossible. I’ve learned that in order to get the life you’ve dreamed of, you have to design the life you want.

It sounds overwhelming and impossible, but it really isn’t. All it takes is a few quiet moments and a dream boat session. I’ll share a few ways that helped me do the same thing. For the past few years, I’ve been fine-tuning my life and doing exactly that–eliminating the unnecessary from my life and keeping only what’s important. It’s been quite refreshing to let go of things I thought were important, only to realize they were just weights hold me down.

1. Take Time to Reflect and Dream

Find 30 minutes of quiet uninterrupted time to shut off your brain and really think about what you want in life (not what the world tells you to want, but what you REALLY want). You’ll find that they are two different things. Write down your thoughts as fast as they come. Try to imagine what you want your life to look like 1 year from now; five years from now; and 20 years from now. The more detailed and descriptive you are, the better. If it helps, think of your life in terms of categories–personally, professionally, and financially. What does your life look like in all of those areas?

2. Create a Vision Board of Your Dream Life

After you’ve brainstormed what you want your life to look like through writing, it’s time to visualize it. Create a vision board of images of what your new life looks like. Make sure it’s an accurate reflection of YOU! I’m sharing the vision board for my newly designed life above so you can see an example. Yours probably won’t look like mine, and mine probably won’t look like yours. That’s a good thing since we’re all unique and individual and want different things out of life!

3. Hang Your Vision Board Where You See it Everyday

Hang your vision board someplace where you can see it everyday to remind yourself what you’re working towards. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture, but if you remind yourself daily, it will help keep you on track.

One of my favorite quotes is from a woman I admire very much. Not only did she not take herself too seriously, but she was full of life, laughter, and wisdom. She says: Design The Life That You Want

I hope this little exercise helps you simplify your life like it has mine so you get the life you want.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!

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