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Don’t Miss Your Chance for Hire A Homemaker Products

Don't Miss Your Chance For Hire A Homemaker Products!

If you missed Monday’s blog post and big announcement, Hire A Homemaker is going away to make room for an exciting new project. That means all those designs are going away forever that you’ve been putting off purchasing. Don’t miss your chance for Hire a Homemaker products! The website will shut down on May 17, 2019 as it transitions to something else…..eek!

All of the past issues of Wilma Magazine will only be available until May 17. We had a lot of loyal subscribers who enjoyed all the issues…make sure you’ve got the complete set before the door closes forever!

Here are some reviews of Wilma Magazine:

“Charee, as I suspected, the magazine is simply a delight and stunning. I had to go through it twice. The art, editorial lineup, color, scope, overall production, and the literal and figurative talent are all off the charts!” ~~Don

“If you enjoy homemaking you will love this magazine, “Wilma” created by my good friend, Charee Hansen. Charee is a professional interior designer and world class homemaker. Wilma was named for her Grandma and full of fun ideas, recipes, crafts, and items to make your house a home. I recommend it…Give it a try! ~~Brenda

“I love what you do…so creative from simple things!” ~~Judith

“Thank you for your AWESOME magazine and home decorating guide. I love home decorating ideas, especially ones that are holiday or season related….I’m looking forward to more of your ideas!” ~~Wendy

“Oh my goodness, it is BEAUTIFUL! You have created something really special!” ~~Breeann

“ABSOLUTELY awesome! Classy, cute, informative, original, and Yes–we need more inspiration as we work to be homemakers. It’s really becoming a lost art!! ~~Kristen

“I subscribed! With the invention of Google and Pinterest, I had forgotten how much fun it was to receive a magazine subscription. Now I look forward to this little treat being delivered to my inbox each month…full of unique inspiring, creative, educational, and page turning ideas! Love, love, love!!!” ~~Kerri

Don’t miss your chance to get any or all of the past Wilma Magazines. They’re only available until Friday, May 17!

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