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Jumping In With Both Feet

Jumping in with Both Feet

We’ve gotten quite a few mixed reactions from our friends and family members about our new life adventure that we’re about to embark on. We completely understand and realize what we’re doing sounds crazy to some people. Obviously it’s very unusual for people to leave the comfortable and convenient life of the city to live in the mountains. But, we both feel strongly that this is the life we want, so we’re jumping in with both feet!

If you’ve ever read the book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, you’ll understand a little better. Andy and I have both decided that we want to live a simpler, slower life surrounded by the place that we love. Instead of going to a place like the mountains for a vacations, we want to make the mountains our home. Instead of pursuing “more” in our lives, we like the idea of “less, but better.” Our lives will be centered around nature and the seasons instead of materialism and excess. We both want to develop new hobbies and skills when we live up there and hope to share our experiences with you.

Andy and I have both thought about it for a long time and are both so excited that it’s finally becoming a reality! Keep checking back for more updates as we start our new life!

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