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Birdie’s Hallowe’en Complete Ghost Kit

Birdie's Hallowe'en Complete Ghost Kit


Are you scared?  The SEASON OF GHOSTS is here, and Monday the doors open to all the new ghostly products.  Get ready for some spine-tingling thrills and chills!  If you’re planning on decorating your home or throwing a Hallowe’en party like the one in Birdie’s Hallowe’en Decorating & Entertaining GuideBirdie’s Hallowe’en Complete Ghost kit is for you!

If you’ve been following along the past two weeks, you’ve gotten a glimpse of all the new spooky products launching on September 16.  The complete Ghost Kit has everything you’ll need to make this Hallowe’en just as haunting as you’re hoping for.  Let’s face it–there’s no easier way to decorate and entertain than getting all the supplies you need delivered right to your front door.  Birdie’s Hallowe’en has you covered!


Birdie’s Hallowe’en Ghost Silhouette Art

Birdie’s Hallowe’en Party Invitations

Birdie’s Hallowe’en Party Menu & Recipes

Birdie’s Hallowe’en Party Favor Labels

Birdie’s Halloween Menu Place Cards

Birdie’s Hallowe’en Party Planning Schedule & Timeline

Birdie’s Hallowe’en Tombstone Dessert Toppers

3 Photographs From Our Photographer-In-Residence, Tiffany Hansen Vossler:  The Creeping Mist, The Graveyard at Dusk, and The Haunted Forest

3 Sketches From Our Artist-In-Residence, Megan Hansen Baker:  The Blackwidow Bride, The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, and The Weeping Woman

Just remember:

“Hold your candle steady and keep a sharp lookout. 

For back among the shadows you’ll see ghosts peeking out.”

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