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Challenges of Living On A Mountain

Challenges of Living on A Mountain

We’re coming up on our third month anniversary of living in the mountains.  Although I know we are still very new and inexperienced, I thought I would share some of the challenges of living on a mountain so far.

Keeping The House Clean

I know it sounds logical to say that taking your shoes off at the door would help cut down on a dirty house, but that’s just not practical in the mountains.  The weather up here is constantly changing and we’re going in and out all the time.  If we’re lucky, the ground is dry, but more often than not it’s going to be wet and muddy (but mostly snowy).  Unfortunately, the cabin we’re renting doesn’t have a covered porch or back deck so there’s no place to get out of the elements until you’re inside.   We also have a Siberian husky that goes in and out, and it’s impossible to teach him to wipe his muddy feet every time he comes inside.

Yesterday we had our first significant snow storm (almost 10″), and I think I vacuumed and mopped twice, and Andy vacuumed again another time.  We feel very lucky that we get this first “trial” year where we can get to experience living in the mountain before we build our own home.  We’re learning what we want and don’t want in our own home.  An absolute must for us is dark floors and dark rugs.  Right now there are light honey-colored wood floors and white floor tile that show EVERYTHING!  We also NEED a garage and covered porches to make our lives easier.

No More Quick Errands

Yesterday I was making some Halloween sugar cookies and realized I didn’t have any food coloring other than some 80’s neon colors.  Before, I would have just taken a five minute trip to the grocery store to pick some up.  Here it would have taken 45 minutes to an hour to get down the mountain, drive to grocery store in Park City, and drive back.  It just wasn’t worth it to go, so I used white frosting with chocolate chips.  That’s not a really big deal, but we definitely have to be proactive about anticipating what groceries we’ll need each week so we can stock up.

Mental and Physical Endurance

With Winter quickly approaching (or is it here already?), Andy and I both realize experiencing a mountain Winter is going to take a lot of mental and physical endurance.  Unfortunately, Andy is going to bear the brunt of it by keeping the cabin clear of snow and warm inside.  Obviously, I’ll be doing that when he travels for work, but he’ll be carrying most of the weight.  Hopefully his new tractor will help make things easier.  Last year was a pretty brutal Winter from what we hear.  We hope our first one is bearable and doesn’t scare us off.

We knew that when we made the choice to move here that there would be challenges and trade-offs.  So far, we’re still glad we made the choice to live here.  Even though life may be harder in some ways, it’s also easier in others.  We’re removed from the busyness, chaos, and crowded city life and have traded that for the absolute wonder of nature.  Everyday we have wildlife that wanders into the yard.  We can go outside at night and actually see the stars instead of air pollution.  Our focus has turned inward with developing interests and hobbies instead of just buying the latest and greatest object.

This life isn’t for everyone, but it is for us!

Challenges of Living on A Mountain

Challenges of Living on A Mountain

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