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Crafters Market


Crafter's Market

I may have mentioned this before, but there’s a private Facebook group for the 800+ people who either own land or live on the mountain.  A few weeks ago, Andy and I bought some homemade honey from one of the residents up here.  It occurred to me that there’s probably quite a few people who have all kinds of homemade items they’d like to sell.  I decided to post in the Facebook group asking if anybody would be interested in a farmer’s market-type event.  There were so many people interested that we’re now going to have the first ever Crafters Market on the mountain!

The event is going to be held sometime over the next month at one of the residences up here.  Because the weather starts getting questionable from here on, somebody volunteered to host the event at their home.  I’m really excited because I’m going to launch Birdie’s Apothecary products at the Crafters Market.  They’ll also be listed online once the doors close for Birdie’s Hallowe’en this year (don’t forget October 21 is the LAST DAY)!  I’ll probably only have soaps and candles for this market because it’s so soon, and I’m still trying to wrap up Birdie’s Hallowe’en.

So, if any of you live in the Salt Lake Valley and want to attend a Crafter’s Market where all kinds of homemade goods and wares will be sold, mark calendar!  I’ll share the address once everything is confirmed.  You can do holiday shopping or just indulge your fancy!  I’m a firm believer in supporting small local businesses, and that’s exactly what this market will be.

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