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Hold Your Candle Steady Because The Ghosts Are Out

Hold Your Candle Steady Because The Ghosts Are Out

Who’s ready for Hallowe’en?!?  This month is going to fly by so hopefully you’ve got ideas for your costume and your party.  If not, you need to get Birdie’s Hallowe’en Decorating & Entertaining Guide!  It has everything you need from ideas on haunting your house, planning a party, as well as menu and game ideas.  The theme for this year is ghosts!  Make sure to hold your candle steady because the ghosts are out!

My family is really big into Hallowe’en and has been throwing parties since I was a kid.  In fact when I was younger, my sister and I used to make activity packets for the family parties.  I guess you can say I’ve never really outgrown my love of Hallowe’en parties and planning because I’m still doing it.  Obviously my taste and experience has evolved over the years, and Birdie’s Hallowe’en is the result!

Just so you know, the doors for the Season of Ghosts closes on October 21 and none of the products (including the Hallowe’en Decorating & Entertaining Guide) will be offered again.  Next year will have a whole new theme and all new products.  In other words, don’t wait!  Hallowe’en is such a unique holiday where we celebrate the dark, mysterious, and magical time of year.

I love the quote by Paula Guran that says:

“The farther we’ve gotten from the magic and mystery of our past, the more we’ve come to need Hallowe’en.”

Finally, since this is a Hallowe’en post, I’ll tell you a true story that scared me to death.  Last night about 1 in the morning, I heard somebody walking up our stairs to the loft area where our bed is.  The whole cabin has wood floors, so it’s easy to hear every noise.  I immediately got scared and put my hand on Andy’s leg to wake him up.  We couldn’t see anything because it was so dark, but we could hear footsteps near our bed.  We finally realized that it was Aries, our Siberian husky.  I must not have latched his kennel door closed when I put him to bed.

In the four and a half years we’ve had him, he’s never once gotten out.  Last night was the first time, and for some reason, he decided to walk around the loft area in circles near our bed.  My heart was POUNDING because I thought someone was in the cabin.  Luckily this happened when Andy was home because I would have been too scared to open my eyes.  Have you ever been so scared that you freeze?  That’s how I was last night.  This morning it seems like no big deal and almost silly, but at night when it was happening, it was completely terrifying!  Told you I’m a big scaredy-cat!!

Isn’t that what Hallowe’en is all about?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

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