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A Rat In The House

Rat In The House

While we were out of town for Thanksgiving, we had an uninvited visitor arrive at our rental cabin.  I never thought I’d actually say this, but we have a rat in the house.  I’ve since learned that it’s not just any old rat, but specifically it’s a pack rat.  I thought that was just a saying, but apparently it’s a type of critter that gathers items from your house to make a nest.  They’re quite common up here because someone recently posted about it, and that’s how we identified it.  Currently, it’s slowly chipping away at my Hydroponic Herb garden and stockpiling the herbs to make a nest.

We found a pile of herbs on the ground behind the garden the first night we were home.  On the second night, even more herbs were gone, and it had taken them away to wherever its building a nest.  It’s very upsetting because Andy gave me the herb garden as a house-warming present when we moved up here.  I’ve been carefully tending the herbs for four months, and to see them being chipped away by a rat is horrifying.

Our neighbor had a trap, and Andy set it on Sunday night.  Unfortunately, it ate the food but didn’t get caught.  Now Andy’s gone to Elko for the week so I’ll have to deal with it while he’s away.  It got Andy up at 4 AM the first night we were home.  He thought an intruder was in the house, but it was the rat.  I’ve heard they can be quite big.  Aries can’t sleep either and keeps waking up barking at it because his kennel is near the garden and he can either see it or hear it.  Needless to say, we’ve had a few sleepless nights.

Wish me luck while Andy’s away!  Oh, and if you’re interested in a hydroponic herb garden, I’ve linked to mine on Amazon.  AeroGarden 903120-1200 Classic 9 Elite-Stainless Steel Garden.

Update:  The rat was caught in the trap last night, and Andy texted our neighbor and asked him to come and get it for me so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.  I saw it as he was carrying it out, and it was HUGE!!  I hope we don’t get any more of them…GROSS!

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Rat In The House

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  1. hOW TERRIBLE. i can’t imagine anything worse and i’m so glad you were finally able to capture it. now let’s hope there aren’t any more!