Birdie's Apothecary

Birdie’s Apothecary

Birdie's Apothecary

When I launched Birdie’s Hallowe’en last Autumn, it was always my plan to have its sister company, Birdie’s Apothecary, launched as well.  I envisioned both brands complementing each other with an overarching theme of the moody dark aesthetic of Hallowe’en that’s rooted in nature and celebrated at home.  As usual,  however, my plans and ideas are never quite realistic with my time frame (which is why I’m doing this for 2020).

Before we ever even moved to the mountains, it was always my dream to make my own apothecary products.  I love the idea of living in a little mountain cabin nestled among the pine trees making apothecary products for my family and friends.  I’ve been slowly filling my apothecary hutch with all the supplies I’ll need.  In fact for Christmas presents this year, I’m making and gifting my first batch of soaps and candles.  I’m really excited to share them with my loved ones and hope they get the same pleasure out of them as I do making them.

If you’re interested in Birdie’s Apothecary products, the website will be launching after the new year.  Each month on the first, I’ll have a pop-up shop where you can purchase any of the items I’ve made that month.  The pop-up shop will only last ONE day (or until supplies run out) because I’ll be making everything by hand myself and the quantities will be limited.  It will be really fun because each month will have new items, and all the products will be seasonal.  I’ll be posting more updates here at Creating Home as details unfold…

Birdie's Apothecary

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