My Guardians

My Guardians


I don’t mind admitting that when Andy is out of town, I get a little nervous.  It seems like every time he leaves, something always goes wrong.  I like to think that in their own little way, Aries (our Siberian husky) and Sochi (our Russian blue cat) are my guardians.  Whether they are fulfilling this role or not, I’ll never know.  But the idea brings me comfort!

This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and Aries let out a bark.  That always makes me nervous because he never barks.  I looked to see what was wrong and saw him staring out the front door.  He kept growling and doing little woofs at something.  I got down to his level and looked, but couldn’t see anything.  I always wonder what he’s seeing that I’m not.  I put him on his cable and let him outside.  He did a lot of sniffing and looking around but never saw anything.  At least I know he’s on alert (whatever that was)!

Yesterday I was standing at my desk working on my laptop and Sochi leaped towards the window to try and get a bluejay that was flying outside.  Even though I’m not in danger of any bluejay, she was ready to get it for me!  Her leaping out of nowhere scared me more than anything, but it’s nice to know they’re keeping me alert.

Luckily Andy is coming home tonight and will be home for a few weeks for the holidays.  We all feel better when Andy is home!

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