Birdie's Apothecary

Birdie’s Apothecary Pop-Up Shoppe

Birdie's Apothecary Pop-Up Shoppe

The first Birdie’s Apothecary Pop-Up Shoppe will be on March 1 this year!  On the first day of every month, the Apothecary Shoppe will be open for just 24 hours (or until the products are sold out).  Each month will have different products with different themes.  The theme for March is Woodland Wanderer.

I started Birdie’s Apothecary when I moved to the mountains and wanted to embrace a slower simpler life that emphasized crafted and hand-made items.  Being removed from society has changed my perspective on what’s important to me.  Even more than before, I value creating a cozy, warm, and magical home filled with delicious scents and soft flickering candlelight.  Because of my love for candles and soaps, it was a natural progression to start an apothecary shop.  For the past few months, I’ve been studying herbalism and aromatherapy and have been putting my new knowledge and skills to work.  I wish you could be in my home smelling all these amazing scents!

Since this is the first month of the Pop-Up Shoppe, the product offerings will be smaller than other months.  Once we’re up and running at full capacity, there will be a larger selection.  For the March Pop-Up Shoppe, there will be a 6 oz. soy candle with notes of pine, orange, and cedarwood available for purchase (limited quantities available).  There will also be a 2 oz. glycerin bar of soap with notes of orange and ginger for purchase as well.

Please stop by and visit the recently re-designed website for Birdie’s Apothecary/Birdie’s Hallowe’en here.  You’ll find elements of folklore, the woods, and Hallowe’en all weaved into the branding of the products at the apothecary shoppe.  I hope you’ll find something magickal that for your own home!  As we get closer to March 1 and the Pop-Up Shoppe, I’ll have more information for you.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!

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