Best Bubble Machine for Toddlers

10 Best Bubble Machine for Kids Review – 2023

Bubbles are everywhere! Whether it’s your toddlers’ birthday party or the music is pumping and the disco lights are on, bubble machine will help to make your party perfect and fun.

With this machine, you can create a dream area for children, who will have a great time chasing and exploiting all those bubbles. Want to organize an event with bubbles! We are here to help you selecting the best bubble machine for you. Of a professional quality, with a bar to hang on poles of theaters or scenarios or wherever you want.

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Features to Look When Buying Bubble Machines

Features to Look When Buying Bubble Machines

  • Automatic: This machine is just press and pompear. The liquid refills prepared for pumps already work. The fan and rotor are integrated inside the housing.
  • Powered Wireless:  The most interesting at a professional level is to activate the machine to make bubbles at the time you want. Therefore, this professional machine offers this option of remote control.
  • Handle to hang:  The professionals usually hang the guns of pompas in the rods of the theater or of the scene. Therefore, it has a handle with a hole to put a rod adapter.
  • Removable top handle  The upper handle can be removed if it bothers you. This is good if you want to put it in a place where, with the handle, it does not fit.
  • Interior and exterior:  This device can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its casing is well prepared to resist on the outside.
  • High speed fan:  This feature causes the bubbles to rise rapidly in the air to create the magical and fun atmosphere we are looking for.
  • High speed rotor:  Together with the fan, both rotating with great speed, generate a huge amount of pumps per minute, running in a stable and constant.
  • Quality materials:  Being designed for outdoor use, this machine is robust and resistant. Built in a hard metal casing.

Top 10 Best Bubble Machine Reviews for Babies

1. ADJ Products, BubbleTron, Professional Lightweight Bubble Machine BUB773

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10 Best Bubble Machine for Kids Review - 2023 1Anybody who is looking for a smaller bubble machine that can still produce a lot of bubbles will get a lot out of the Bubbletron. Weighing only 4 lbs and measuring a little over a foot in total diameter, it is possible to take the Bubbletron almost anywhere. American DJ had portability in mind when creating this machine.

The fan on the back of the machine is massive, and that is what allows it to create so many bubbles. It uses one liter of solution every two hours, which is a similar output to most of the Bubbletron’s larger counterparts.

As per the description, the Bubbletron is made of molded plastic. This makes it durable. This is a very good thing because transporting any given bubble machine can be risky, especially smaller ones such as the Bubbletron. The molded plastic reduces this risk a bit.

While it is nice that the Bubbletron has a remote control, the fact that this remote control is wired makes it less than desirable. Further, the remote control uses a three prong outlet on the back of the machine, making things inconvenient for anybody who does want to use the remote control.

Why is this? Keep in mind that in most cases, the cord for a three prong outlet is usually pretty heavy. Combine this with the very light design of the Bubbletron, and you’ll run the risk of having the machine fall over from wherever it is when trying to use the remote control.

2. Theefun Bubble Machine: Remote Control 750ML Metal Bubble Blower Machine with High Output, Plug-in...

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Bubble machines are typically used for celebrations, and the TBM01 by Theefun, is extremely versatile and can be used for almost any kind of celebration or social gathering. It can be operated manually or with a remote control, which proves its versatility.

It takes a hexagon like shape which is quite easy to transport, as it has a detachable handle. One of the most interesting and best things about the TBM01 is that it has a high velocity fan that generates rise instead of blowing them forward.

The bubbles it creates come out fast and plentiful as the rotors inside move at speeds approaching 25 RPM. However, this speed cannot be adjusted, and that is one of the bad things about the TBM01.

Theefun Bubble Machine: Remote Control 750ML Metal Bubble Blower Machine with High Output, Plug-in...
  • ❤WARM TIPS❤ To prevent any leakage of bubble solution, please carefully inspect the container to ensure it is properly installed, without tilting, shaking, or overfilling.
  • ❤WARM TIPS❤ To best care for any bubble machine please wipe the bubble reside with a dry towel after use.

There is only one speed at which the bubbles travel in this machine, and it just happens to be very fast. This almost makes the TBM01 suitable only for certain kinds of social events, like large parties. Another limitation it has is how it is powered. It only uses a power cord and not batteries. This means if you wish to use it outside, you’ll likely be limited in where you can place it, unless you have extension cords available.

3. KINDIARY Bubble Machine, Automatic Bubble Blower, Portable Bubble Maker for Kids Toddlers with 5000+...

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The 1byone bubble machine is very versatile in two ways. First, you get to choose between two speed levels of how the bubbles are generated and blown.

This is great because if the people you are entertaining complain about too many or too few bubbles being blown, you can adjust accordingly. It can also be plugged in or can be battery operated, meaning you get to choose where to place this machine and are not limited to an outlet.

Like most other bubble machines, it can be used outdoors or indoors. One downside to the 1byone is that batteries are not included. If you want this machine to be portable as soon as you get it, you will need to have batteries on hand.

The battery issue is also a major problem wish the 1byone machine as it uses six C size batteries. Many users report that the 1byone does not last long when running on batteries, either. Another issue is what happens to the solution.

KINDIARY Bubble Machine, Automatic Bubble Blower, Portable Bubble Maker for Kids Toddlers with 5000+...
4,440 Reviews
KINDIARY Bubble Machine, Automatic Bubble Blower, Portable Bubble Maker for Kids Toddlers with 5000+...
  • Amazing Output: Generate more than 5000 bubbles per minute with 6 spinning wands, 2 speed levels and power dual motors; Blow tons of colorful bubbles faster, higher and farther even indoors without wind
  • Dual Power Options: Powered by 6 C batteries (not included) or plug-in with the included AC adapter, offering maximum convenience for you and let you enjoy the bubble machine indoors and outdoors

Many users also report that the solution used to make the bubbles often spills out onto the floor in larger amounts than most other bubble machines do, meaning that when you are done, you will need to clean up quite a bit.

4. Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

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Being an innovator in children’s toys that also teach and educate children, it is no surprise that Fisher-Price has come up with a toy that is designed to give children the feeling that they are helping their parents with certain chores.

One thing that children will enjoy about the Bubble Mower is that is makes noises similar to a physical lawn mower. This is a creative venture from Fisher-Price that does a great job of combining the fun aspect of a bubble machine with the aspect of doing chores.

If your child is more than apprehensive about doing outdoor chores such as mowing the lawn, the bubble mower will help. It is designed to stimulate a child while teaching them how to do outdoor chores, and the Bubble Mower does exactly that.

Fisher-Price can and should improve upon the overall design of the Bubble Mower. Prepare to have more bubble solution on hand when using this: The one bottle of solution that it uses will not last, only lasting a little under 20 minutes before the solution runs out.

This is in large part due to where the solution is placed. It is placed on a side compartment of the mower, which can and will spill out whenever the mower is pushed. This is why the bubble output lasts only 20 or so minutes.

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
  • More bubbles than ever!
  • Realistic sounds!

While the mower is light and easy to push and pull around, there will be very low or even no bubble output if it is not pushed or pulled fast enough. This can make things frustrating for your child who is using it.

5. Kidzlane Bubble Maker Machine for Kids - Big Bubbles Speed Blower for Toddler's Outdoor Party Play -...

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It is an unfortunate and inconvenient fact that most bubble machines designed for children are lacking in the area of bubble output. When compared to bubble machines designed for older individuals, there is no comparison; the latter will almost always have a better bubble output than the former.

Fortunately, Kidzlane has created a bubble machine that is somewhat comparable to more “professional” looking bubble machines in terms of bubble output while still maintaining a design that is marketed to children.

The fact that Kidzlane’s machine has a 500 bubble per minute output is a very pleasant surprise, and you would be hard pressed to find any bubble machine designed for children to have a bubble output that is close.

Kidzlane’s machine is also wireless, operating on batteries. This makes it more portable than most other bubble machines, even ones that are designed for children. It is also extremely small and compact, which also contributes to its outstanding portability.

Anybody who is interested in using Kidzlane’s bubble machine regularly will need to prepare to spend a lot of money on additional supplies for it. It takes six AA batteries to operate, which are not included. It also only operates on batteries, meaning that there is no option to plug it in if you do not feel like using batteries.

Kidzlane Bubble Maker Machine for Kids - Big Bubbles Speed Blower for Toddler's Outdoor Party Play -...
11,803 Reviews
Kidzlane Bubble Maker Machine for Kids - Big Bubbles Speed Blower for Toddler's Outdoor Party Play -...
  • DOLPHIN BUBBLE MACHINE - Transport kids, pets to big bubble world! Perfect for outdoor play, parties, picnics, poolside. Helmet lights up for excitement.
  • INCLUDES 16 OZ BUBBLE SOLUTION - Comes with two 8 OZ bottles for endless fun. Works with any bubble solution, including 67 OZ Kidzlane Bubble Solution refill. Never run out!

While it does come with solution, it only comes with an 8 oz bottle of solution. Just like with the batteries, prepare to purchase extra solution if you intend to use Kidzlane’s bubble machine regularly.

6. Lightahead LAWS40661421A Portable Hubble Bubble Machine .Bubble Blowing Maker with Battery or...

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Bubble machines usually offer one of two options when it comes to how they are powered: They will either only operate on batteries, or only operate when plugged in.

It is very rare for any bubble machine to contain both options and fortunately, the Hubble Bubble machine does include both options. This sets it apart from many other bubble machines.

If you want to the Hubble Bubble machine to be wireless, simply use two C batteries. These are not included, but they do not need to be, because the Hubble Bubble machine also comes with its own AC adapter, meaning it is possible to plug it in without needing batteries.

The Hubble Bubble machine also has a handle on the top of it. This is extremely useful if you have made the decision to use it wirelessly.

The rotating fan in front of the Hubble Bubble machine is massive. This allows it to generate hundreds of bubbles per second while not using too much solution. Anybody who needs a bubble machine for parties or any other social event will get a lot out of the Hubble Bubble machine.

Lightahead LAWS40661421A Portable Hubble Bubble Machine .Bubble Blowing Maker with Battery or...
  • Unmatched Quality From Lightahead Leaders In LED Lights- Portable Bubblle Machine.The Original High Quality Hubble Bubble Blowing Machine is Being Sold Across The Globe for Many Years Miles Ahead of Competition.This High output Portable Machine comes with a collapsible handle. Creates a constant stream of thousands of Flying Bubbles with High Velocity and quality,creating many dazzling bubbles & endless entertainement experience ,the Magic of Bubbles make Children want to Catch them.
  • THE LIGHTAHEAD DIFFERENCE-Experience the LIGHTAHEAD difference where every product is crafted in highest quality with love and affection for our precious customers.YOUR ONE STOP GIFT STORE FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS

Be careful when carrying the Hubble Bubble machine around. Because it is very small, there is a good chance that the bubble solution that you use to fill it with will spill out. This is unavoidable, but needs to be mentioned.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that the Hubble Bubble machine does not come with bubble solution. So if you are planning on using it right after ordering it, make sure to have some bubble solution on hand.

7. Fansteck Bubble Machine - Bubble Machine for Toddler and Kids Outdoors - Automatic Bubble Maker 800+...

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One notable thing about the Fansteck bubble blower is that it comes with two manual bubble blowing bars. This may seem trivial, but it does separates the Fansteck bubble blower apart from most other bubble machines.

Another thing that separates it from others is the design. The Fansteck bubble blower resembles a light blue football (or a soccer ball in the us), which is different than the usual machine like design of other bubble machines.

The design of the Fansteck bubble blower itself is extremely small. It uses four AA batteries to power, can hold 100mL of bubble solution, and is designed to be a portable bubble machine. There are a few things that users have not liked about the Fansteck bubble blower.

Its size is the first thing; many users have complained that it does not blow enough bubbles for their satisfaction. This is common with smaller bubble machines, but it seems to be a specific case with the Fansteck.

Fansteck Bubble Machine - Bubble Machine for Toddler and Kids Outdoors - Automatic Bubble Maker 800+...
  • ⚽【High Output】Fansteck New Updated Bubble Machine can generate more than 800 bubbles per minute by powerful motor and spanning wands
  • ⚽【Superior Material】Made of nontoxic and good quality ABS plastic, friendly bubble machine for kids and adults to enjoy it. Fansteck bubble blower will prove to be durable and long-lasting - so you can buy it once and enjoy for years

Something else that should be noted is that the bubble solution, which usually comes with most bubble machines, are sold separately. Although this is negligible in many cases, it is a slight inconvenience all the same.

8. Gazillion Bubbles, Hurricane Bubble Making Machine - Portable Bubble Maker - Instant Bubble Creation...

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The name of this particular machine and manufacturer promises that a lot of bubbles will come out of it. Does it live up to the names “Hurricane” and “Gazillion?”

The answer is that it does, and demonstrably so. The Hurricane is unusually small, containing a diameter of less than two feet and weighing less than two pounds. Do not let this fool you: The Hurricane can generate just as many bubbles as its larger counterparts, if not more.

True to its name, the Hurricane also generates bubbles in a pattern similar to a hurricane, where it generates bubbles in whirlwind-type directions instead of in a straight line or in an upward direction, which is how most other bubble machines operate.

Another thing that makes the Hurricane stand out from other bubble machines is that it is durable. If it falls, nothing critical will happen to it. The motors and other compartments that allow the Hurricane to operate are placed strategically and are well protected.

Prepare to have batteries ready when ordering this, as well as extra bubble solution. The bubble solution bottle that comes with the Hurricane is only 4 ounces, and it will not last. The Hurricane cannot be plugged in, and only operates on 6 AA batteries. These are not included.

Gazillion Bubbles, Hurricane Bubble Making Machine - Portable Bubble Maker - Instant Bubble Creation...
  • Thousands Of Bubbles: This Portable Bubble Machine Cranks Out Thousands Of Bubbles For Kids Of All Ages
  • Includes 4 Oz. Bottle Of Gazillion Solution: The Hurricane Bubble Machine Comes With An 4 Oz. Bottle Of Top Secret Gazillion Bubble Solution

The only thing on the Hurricane that is placed in a precarious position is the reservoir for the solution. It is on the side of the machine, and if it is filled too high, solution will leak out of the machine. Walking with it will cause the solution to splash all around, so be careful when walking around with the Hurricane.


Any bubble machine with a name like “Turbo Deluxe” should imply a very fast output of bubbles. Does this particular machine live up to its name?

Equipped with 16 wands in its bubble blower, the Turbo Deluxe does live up to its name. It will generate a lot of bubbles really quickly, at amounts and rates that are nearly unmatched. Thousands of bubbles per minute will be generated with the Turbo Deluxe.

Setting up the Turbo Deluxe is also very easy. The only thing you need to do is plug it in, place the bubble solution in the reservoir, then turn it on. The switch is located on the back and the reservoir is located on the front. From the standpoint of function, the Turbo Deluxe is designed very well.

The Turbo Deluxe is a little larger than most other bubble machines, weighing 4 lbs and having a total diameter of about 2 feet. While this does not affect the portability of the machine, the fact that the wands are in the front of it can make it risky to carry around. If it lands on its front side where the wands are if it falls, one of the wands could break.

Although you will not need batteries to operate the Turbo Deluxe, you will need solution for it, as it is not included. And because the bubble output is very high, you will need a lot of solution, especially if you intend to use it for long periods of time.


Something that a lot of bubble machine manufacturers do not pay attention to is how the bubbles that come out of their machines actually look. Most of these bubbles just look like regular bubbles that do not really grab a lot of attention.

Setting itself apart from many other bubble machines, My Bubble Machine comes with its own solution that makes bubbles turn a yellowish or bluish color when generated. Sometimes the colors of the bubbles are a combination of blue and yellow. While this seems like a very small difference compared to any “regular” colored bubbles, you will notice a difference.

A lot of bubble machines are either completely portable, being powered only by batteries, or they are bound to a cord and cannot operate on batteries. My Bubble Machine can either be plugged in with an A/C adapter, or it uses four C batteries to operate. Not many bubble machines are this versatile when it comes to power options.

The wands of My Bubble Machine are placed right in the front of it, and are rather flimsy. Dropping this machine could result in a broken wand or three, and this is one of a couple of undesirable things about My Bubble Machine.

The other undesirable thing has to do with the solution reservoir. It is placed right above the wands, and if you are walking with it, solution will spill out and splash. While this is common for any given bubble machine, it is even more pronounced with My Bubble Machine.

11. Betheaces Bubble Machine, Automatic Durable Bubble Maker 500 Bubbles per Minute with 8oz Refill...

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The one thing that sets the Betheaces bubble machine apart from nearly all other bubble machines is the design. The design is designed for children as it resembles a cartoon frog. This speaks to the design of the bubble machine in general, as in most occasions it is designed for children’s parties.

It includes bubble solution, which most bubble machines have, and operates on four AA batteries. It is extremely small and judging from pictures of it, it can fit into the palm of a small child’s hands. This makes it a good replacement for physically blowing bubbles from a wand.

The size and design are perhaps the best thing about the Betheaces bubble machine, but it does have a couple drawbacks. First, the size itself is not designed for really big social events as it is really too small to produce a lot of bubbles, at least compared to the amount of bubbles you would likely want from a machine at a large social event.

Betheaces Bubble Machine, Automatic Durable Bubble Maker 500 Bubbles per Minute with 8oz Refill...
  • 🐸【NEW DESIGN OF FROG SHAPE】- Fun, bright frog shape will delight kids of all ages as they watch loads of exciting bubbles pour out of its mouth in a continuous stream! It can produce more than 500 colorful bubble madness per minute. Create whirlpools of fun no matter how big the party.
  • 🐸【CHILD-FRIENDLY & EASY TO USE】- Made with Non-Toxic ABS plastic. Just top up with bubble solution, switch on and play. BUBBLE SOLUTION (5 oz) INCLUDED. Needs 4 x AA batteries. (NOT INCLUDED)

Although it produces a lot of bubbles for its size, it seems like the Betheaces bubble machine is almost exclusively a child’s toy. Second, the only thing that powers it are batteries. This means if you use use it often, you will need to keep buying batteries for it and that can be annoying.

What’s the Difference Between a Professional Bubble Machine and a Personal Bubble Machine?

What’s the Difference Between a Professional Bubble Machine and a Personal Bubble Machine?

Remote Controlled Operation

One of the biggest advantages of professional bubble machines over the conventional personal models would be the fact that the pro ones can be operated from afar. This feature can be put to good use at children’s parties and other gatherings, where you can pretend to have made the bubbles leave the machine with a single gesture of your hand!
Operating this machine remotely represents probably the peak of bubble machine technology, so if your goal is to impress everyone with your bubble machine, get a professional one. (Oh, and make sure it says ‘remote control’ in the description.)

Automatic Liquid Feed

One of the biggest downsides of personal bubble machines would be the fact that these models need to be ‘rewatered’ at regular intervals. So, in order to make them work smoothly, you have to add new water to make them run. (This can be annoying if you’re at a party.)
As far as the professional bubble machines are concerned, the ‘bubbling’ doesn’t need to stop because it can be fed with a constant stream of water. This means you never need to refill it, so the it can work for hours on end without any interruptions! (A great option for parties and other gatherings.)

High-Speed Fan

In addition to the mechanic that creates bubbles and releases them into the air, a high-speed fan serves to further propel those same bubbles high up, for a great effect of spontaneity, so to speak!
Indeed, kids will like see those bubbles rise up high in the air. Also, the guests further back, who are not close to the machine can enjoy the view of the bubbles. It’s a simple addition really, but it’s typically only found with professional bubble machines, which have these high-speed fans inbuilt.

How Is This Bubble Machine Used?

How To Use A Bubble Machine?

  1. Add liquid prepared for bubbles in the reserve. (Note: The liquid used can affect the amount and quality of bubbles that form)
  2. Plug it into the normal current.

From here we have two ways to start generating the bubbles: Manual and Remote Control.

  • Manual : Give the On / Off button to the “I” to generate the bubbles. Change it to “O” to stop it.
  • Remote Control : Press the On / Off button to “II” to activate the remote control mode. Now, press the “Unlock” button on the remote to start blowing bubbles. To stop it press the “Lock” button.

Tips for remote control

  • Make sure the machine is in the “II” position of the remote control.
  • Try not to get too far away from the machine. The remote control works up to about 10m .
  • Check that the remote is not without batteries

Professional Uses Of Bubble Machines

As we had talked before, this machine can be used both for interior and exterior. That is why it is such a good machine and can be used in so many different situations.

  • If you are a DJ you can complement your shows with several machines arranged by the room or by the square where you act. With this you will fill all the capacity of bubbles. Those who hire you will be delighted that you add other things besides music to your repertoire. We come from the world of the show, and what is important is not that you play well or not, it is that people enjoy. What is the most important thing is the show .
  • At a wedding you can put a pompero on the door where the bride and groom or the corridor will be. So you will fill that special moment of soap bubblesIt will be like a dream come true .
  • In a corporate event , imagine that while the cocktail is being made, before the parliaments, a rain of soap bubbles starts to fall on the stage and then the person comes out to talk. This will prompt everyone’s attention immediately and will bring added value that your customers will remember.
  • In the farewells, women and men and soap bubbles … I’ll leave it there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Make Water Bubbles?

Fairly simply! What you need is 6 cups of water, 1 cup of dish soap, 1/4’s of a cup of corn syrup, and a tablespoon of glycerin. Mix all of these together carefully and try not to create too many small bubbles while you’re doing it.

That’s it! Now just find some rounded and hollow object, dip it in the mixture and blow!

(A quick note: You can use this mixture to create balloons straight away, but it would be better to wait for it to sit overnight.)

How Do You Make a Bubble Blower?

If you want to make the simplest – caveman’s version of a bubble blower, get a hollow piece of cardboard (from food wrap or something) and dip one end in the aforementioned solution of water, dish soap and the other stuff.

The only remaining thing is to blow and create as many and as large bubbles as you can!

Are Bubble Machines Better Than Bubble Guns?

Well, it depends what you want to do with the bubbles. If you just want to create a bunch of bubbles and let them fly into the air – get a bubble machine.

If you want a gun-like toy with which you can shoot bubbles at people – get a bubble gun!

Are Bubble Machines Expensive?

Well, the answer would probably be ‘yes’ – a little bit expensive. Some of the most high-tech machines in this category can cost as much as a 100 bucks, and the more budget-friendly versions’ prices won’t go over 40-ish dollars.

So, sort of expensive, generally speaking. Luckily, there are many models out there on the market, so folks with all kinds of budgets can find something suitable for themselves.

Isn’t there a danger for kids to swallow some bubbles?

Kids do whatever they want! Can you and I stop them from doing things? Not always, and this the manufacturers of bubble machines know. Rest assured that bubbles aren’t toxic, so swallowing a few will not make kids get sick. However, you should still do your part in discouraging getting bubbles in their mouth.

A Final Word – Our Personal Recommendation

Even though we do rate all of these bubble machines highly, we personally recommend you to buy:

Theefun Bubble Machine: Remote Control 750ML Metal Bubble Blower Machine with High Output, Plug-in...
  • ❤WARM TIPS❤ To prevent any leakage of bubble solution, please carefully inspect the container to ensure it is properly installed, without tilting, shaking, or overfilling.
  • ❤WARM TIPS❤ To best care for any bubble machine please wipe the bubble reside with a dry towel after use.

It will help you create bubbles really fast and make any celebration of yours truly a memorable one. It is very versatile for anyone’s taste and barring its one limitation of it needs a power cord to charge, its the perfect choice for you.

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