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Top 5 Best Cleaner for Fiberglass Tub Review

If you’re the owner of a bathtub, you must know the divine feeling of coming back home after a long day and getting to soak in some floral, bubbly bath for hours. Unfortunately, this means that you are also familiar with the feeling of having to clean the gross buildup from the tub after every few baths.

To help make this chore an enjoyable experience, there is no alternative to a tub cleaner, especially if you are using a fiberglass tub since you can’t use a lot of products on them.

And to help you get the best cleaner for fiberglass tub, and understand what cleaner to buy, we have come up with this review article.

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What Makes a Good Cleaner for Fiberglass Tub

If you want to make sure you get our hands on the best cleaner for fiberglass bathtub, see if it includes the following qualities:


One of the most important things to consider while purchasing a tub cleaner is how powerful it is. Since you are using a fiberglass tub, you cannot use anything that is particularly harsh on it to remove stains and grime buildup. That will damage the fiberglass and ruin the look and feel of your tub.

Therefore, you have to invest in a tub cleaner that powerfully and effectively removes all stains, grime, and buildup, without damaging the material of your tub. Bonus points if the cleaner provides protection against future buildup, and adds some extra shine.


Products with extra fragrance can be heavily irritating to children and elderly people. It is also a sign that the product has many more chemical ingredients in it than it should typically. Fragrance can also be irritating to the skin and cause eczema, rashes, etc.

Always opt for a cleaner that does not have a heavy aroma. If you feel like a soft scent would help lift the mood, use essential oils instead.


You are using the tub cleaner along with water and then draining it. So make sure that the product you will buy is environment-friendly, and does not contain any toxic materials.

5 Best Cleaner for Fiberglass Tub

Here is a detailed list of the top 5 cleaners for fiberglass bathtubs, along with their pros and cons, to help you find one that would be best for you.

1. TriNova UV Protectant Spray

The TriNova spray is a wonderful cleaner for many reasons. First of all, it protects materials from harmful UV rays, which might damage the material. It also prevents any dust from getting gathered on the surface and making it dirty, and its easy application process makes cleaning super easy.

This spray is also good at preventing cracks from forming and removing stains, which happens mainly due to lack of care and maintenance.
Another thing to note about this product is that it gives back appliances former color and shine, as well as preventing any future dullness.


  • Provides protection from UV rays
  • Prevents dust from accumulating
  • Stain and crack resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Give back previous color and shine


  •  A bit on the expensive side

2. Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner

This product is one of the best cleaners for a fiberglass tub. It effectively cleans your tubs and Jacuzzis, letting you soak in peace after a long day. And its scientifically-proven formula makes sure to clean all sorts of dirt, cell buildup, soap and oil residues, and other gross things that you might not see in the tub.

A wonderful thing about this cleaner is that it comes in an economical size. Each bottle can last you for 32 washes.

Along with all these amazing qualities, this product is also a time-friendly option. It only requires 15 minutes to get your tub back to its glorious form.


  •  Effectively cleans jetted tubs and other bathroom appliances
  •  Removes dirt, soap and oil buildup
  • Economical size
  • Does not take much time to clean


  • Some strong home remedies might be almost as effective

3. Jetted Tub Cleaner

This jetted tub cleaner is wonderful at removing all hard water stains, mold, soap and oil buildup, grime, and harmful contaminants from the tub without damaging its surface. In addition to that, this product does all that work in just 15 minutes. So you do not have to worry about taking forever to get that tub cleaned.

One of the best things about this cleaner is that it is made with completely safe and environment-friendly materials. Not only are these great for the tub, but they also do not harm the environment when they are exposed to it.

Along with all these, this product is also quite budget-friendly. You can get about 8 washes from one of these bottles. So you do not have to spend tons anymore just to get your tub clean and shining like before.


  • Efficiently cleans all stains and buildup from the tub
  •  Does not take much time to work
  •  Made out of safe materials
  •  Quite economical


  • Has quite a heavy fragrance

4. Fuller Brush BathClean Basin, Tub, and Tile Cleaner

This is one of the best cleaning products for fiberglass tubs. Its powerful foaming action helps to prevent any buildup from soap or minerals from forming. Staying true to its name, this tub cleaner effectively removes any grime, stain, soap buildup from tubs and gets them back to their prime clean state.

Another good thing about this product is that its grime guard formula provides protection against future buildup, and helps to restore previous shine to it.
And lastly, this cleaner helps to dissolve any mineral resulting from hard water accumulation. This way, there is no hard water stain on the tub.


  •  Powerful foaming action prevents any buildup
  •  Effectively gets rid of stains and dirt
  • Dissolves mineral buildup from hard water
  • Grime guard formula provides protection
  • Restores previous shine


  • Has a strong chemical smell

5. TR INDUSTRIES GG-1 the Original Gel-Gloss Kitchen and Bath Polish and Protector

This product works as a wonderful 3-in-1 cleaner. First of all, it is designed with carnauba waxes, which helps it to add wonderful shine to every surface. Making all your appliances look smooth has never been so easy. This product’s polishing properties will help you keep your kitchen and bathroom shining.

Not only that, but this product also works to keep your tub free from any stains, and from any hard water buildup resulting in marks.
One of the best things about this product is that it can be used on a variety of surfaces, including fiberglass, marble, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, etc.


  •  Equipped with Carnauba waxes to provide shine
  •  Polishes and gives a smooth look
  • Protects from water and other stains
  • Can be used on various surfaces


  • Can irritate the skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding cleaners for fiberglass:

1. How can I make my fiberglass tub shine again?

You can make your fiberglass tub shine again by using any of our top 5 tub cleaners, as they are all designed to remove grime and buildup and restore previous shine to products.

2. What is the best hard water remover?

All of these cleaners are equally good at removing hard water.

3. Is soft scrub safe for fiberglass tubs?

Soft scrub is a quite abrasive cleaner, and using this can cause a lot of damage to fiberglass tubs. So it is best to not use this on fiberglass tubs.

4. How do you clean a yellowed fiberglass tub?

Fiberglass stubs may turn yellow due to soap and hard water buildup. To get rid of this, use a non-abrasive brush, and any cleaner from our top favorite picks. Using these two things, get back a tub in its natural color and shine.

5. Does oven cleaner damage the fiberglass tub?

No. using a fume-free oven cleaner on a fiberglass tub can actually help you clean it pretty well. But it is best to get a cleaner designed for a fiberglass tub if you want to get the best results.

Final Words

After going through our article about the best cleaner for fiberglass tub, you must have a better idea about which product would best suit your needs. So go on, get some tub cleaner, and after a quick cleaning job, enjoy the cleanest bath you can possibly have!

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