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Games With Soap Bubbles: An Activity With Multiple Benefits

Who has not played with soap bubbles in their childhood? The truth is that  games with soap bubbles  are a popular entertainment for children, and there is no doubt that they are a great entertainment.

Games With Soap Bubbles

However, you should know that this goes far beyond fun, since it is an activity that  helps your child develop certain basic skills .

Benefits Of Games With Soap Bubbles

In the first place, and if we accompany the children in their game,  we teach them to follow instructions.  You can ask him to make a bubble and explode it, to chase it or step on it … you have endless possibilities to play with the situation. In the same way, take advantage and ask him to carry out actions with different parts of the body, since this is an excellent way for him to learn to identify them. “Explode the pomp with your little finger” will allow you to recognize and use that finger.

You can create bubbles on the table. If you do it outdoors (or with white light) you can see the colors of the rainbow. Take the opportunity to describe what you are seeing, to explain the colors you see. It can tell you how the bubbles move in the air: if they rise or fall, if they accelerate or slow down … You will be helping them to  stimulate their linguistic and observation abilities.

Benefits Of Games With Soap Bubbles

Beyond this, the different actions that will be carried out, from opening the bottle to exploding each one of the bubbles, will contribute to  improve fine motor skills . A very important issue for the good muscular and psychological development of the boy or girl.

On the other hand, the action of blowing will be an excellent exercise for your mouth and your abdomen. The importance of diaphragm control is vital for the proper development of the lungs and abdominal muscles. He can be taught to inhale and exhale air with the diaphragm. Stage artists know how important that is for the voice.

What Games Of Bubbles Are There?

Beyond using the typical pomperos that consist of a rod with a shape, round or not, in the end, we propose some games with which you will get to make this much more creative entertainment:

  • Bubbles by the thousands:  We suggest that you ask your little one to count  how many bubbles he makes and how many he bursts , whoever gets a higher number wins. With this idea, you will get her to practice her knowledge in mathematics without having to force her to do something she does not like, since it will be the most fun.
  • The biggest bubble:  This challenge consists of creating the biggest bubble of all. This game will help you control your breathing because if it blows very hard the pomp will explode and its very loose will not be created. To make this game, the liquid that is used must be the right one, it does not serve the typical of children’s pompperos.
  • Bubble in bubble:  Let’s put a giant bubble on a wet table with bubbles. We take a straw and dip it in the liquid. When we introduce it inside the big pump and blow it, we will create another pump inside it. The game consists of putting the maximum of bubbles inside bubbles until they explode.
  • Long bubbles at home:  We can create a pompero to make large bubbles at home in a very simple way. We pass a long fat thread between two straws (inside) and make a knot. Taking each straw with one hand we will have a kind of rectangle. We soak it in liquid. Moving it quickly will create a very long pump. It is very fun to do it. If when you soak it you slowly raise it directly from the source where you have the liquid, there will be a bucket of soap left.
  • The snake:  Let’s create a bubble snake. We cut a bottle of water down the bottom. We put a wet towel with the soap and water mixture in the bottom, like a lid. When blowing, thousands of small bubbles that will be expanding forming a type of bubble churro will emerge.

What Games Of Bubbles Are There?

Then, there are also accessories such as trumpets, or animals, which make bubbles, in addition to automatic machines. Children love them

Conclusions Of Bubble Games

As you can see,  games with soap bubbles  are an excellent way, not only to have fun, but to help the little ones develop correctly and creatively the most basic skills. Seeing its benefits, we suggest that you put into practice some of the games that we have explained to you and launch yourself to make this activity an entertainment with which to spend a nice moment with your family. Be creative and invent your own games. If you can think of one, leave it in a comment and we will add it to the list with your name. Surely your sons and daughters will be more than happy to play with you.

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