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How To Make Homemade Liquid For Stubborn Soap Bubbles

The trick so soap bubbles do not burst at once is to add glycerin to the solution. Glycerin helps the pump retain water and you can play with them longer. You can buy it at the pharmacy. Another trick is to keep the formula in the fridge to use it fresh.

Try These Three Recipes:

You’ll need these basic ingredients first which you can buy from Amazon, here:

1. Normal solution

Mix five parts of water, one part of liquid detergent and one or two tablespoons of glycerin.

2. Thick solution

With this mixture the bubbles will hold the wind and will reach the ground without breaking.

Mix 2-3 parts of water, one part of detergent and one or two tablespoons of glycerin.

Recipe For Soap Bubbles

3. Solution of bubbles with rebound effect

With this recipe you will get the bubbles to bounce when hitting the garments. Amazing!

You need two packages of unflavored gelatin, four glasses of hot water, 3-5 tablespoons of glycerin and 3 tablespoons of liquid detergent.

Dissolve the gelatin in hot water and add the glycerin and the liquid detergent. It will stay like a gel that you must reheat every time you go to use it.

How To Make Bubbles

You can buy a device or use your index finger and thumb and blowing. You can also make a fun multilayer by joining several soda straws. It is manufactured as follows: cut several straws to about 7 or 8 cm and join them with an adhesive tape. When blowing, you will get a cloud of multicolored pompitas.

5 Games To Experiment With Soap Bubbles

So that the soap bubble can be enlarged a lot, the formula has to contain glycerin, a chemical that you will find in the pharmacy and that retains the water. Our recipe for sturdy soap bubbles will make your task easier.

5 Games To Experiment With Soap Bubbles

1. The largest soap bubble in the world

You will need: 2 straws and a thin cotton rope of about 40 cm.

1. Cut the straw into two halves and insert the string inside. Tie the two ends of the rope with a knot and pull it until the knot is inside a straw. Form a rectangle with the two straws facing each other.

2. Fill a kitchen sink with sturdy soap bubbles that you have left in the fridge for a while. Sink the support in the formula. Hold it by the straws, stretch, wait a few seconds and lift slowly upright keeping the rope taut.

3. To fill the film of soapy water with air, hold the support at your waist, raise it and put your hands together. The air will enter and form a huge soap bubble.

When you get out the first time, try a larger support. Use two straws and 80 cm of rope.

2. Sculptures of soap bubbles

Use a wire to make round, square, triangular closed shapes, circles inside circles, several circles in a row … Always leave a piece of wire protruding to sink your sculpture into the formula. The sculpture will be filled with films of iridescent soapy water. Blow and see what happens.

3. Two equal bubbles

Cut a straw in half. Make 4 incisions of 1 cm in the two tips of the straws and separate them. Fill them in the formula and blow both straws at the same time. Cover the hole in the straws; The bubbles will stay stuck on the tip and you can check if they are the same. If you approach them, you can make twin bubbles.

4. Tabletops

Pour a little formula on the countertop of the kitchen, helping you with the straw. Blow and make mountains of bubbles. If you introduce your straw full of formula inside a pomp and blow, you will make one pomp inside another.

5. One pump inside another

Make a pomp as big as you can and place it on a plate. Wet the straw in the formula and carefully, penetrate the pump that you did before and blow a new pump inside. Beware, if you touch the walls, both will explode.

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