Cleaning Hard Water Stains Using White Vinegar

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors With Hard Water Stains?

One of the most refreshing daily routines is taking a bath after a long day. It will cool you off, and it will help you release all of the stress accumulated throughout the day.

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors With Hard Water Stains?

However, that wonderful moment of relief may not last long, because soon after you leave the shower, you may notice hard water stains over the beautiful glass doors.

There’s no need to panic. Here, we’ll share helpful tips about how to deal with these stubborn stains using regular household items.

First, What is Hard Water Stains?

Hard water, as we know it, contains high levels of dissolved minerals, with some of them being calcium and magnesium. If you don’t act quickly, this water type may leave unpleasant stains over the glass door surface, which leads us to today’s article.

Cleaning Hard Water Stains Using White Vinegar

Ah, what would we do without white vinegar? From cooking to maintenance tasks, this liquid manages to get rid of stains that no other cleaner would remove. The best part is that it is not expensive, and most households already have a bottle of vinegar, which is convenient for us.

Although we may think otherwise, white vinegar is actually a pretty good acid liquid that won’t leave stains behind. Also, considering vinegar doesn’t use toxic elements, it won’t cause unpleasant ache on your hands or eyes. All in all, there’s no risk of using white vinegar to clean.

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Follow the next steps to use white vinegar and remove the glass door stains successfully.

  • For more efficiency, you could create a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice. Not only does it increase the chance of success of the cleaner, but it will also leave a pleasant fragrance after you finish. The lemon juice is another type of acid that works well removing minerals, and stains.
  • After creating the combination using the two liquids described above, pour the result into a spray bottle. You could also put it in the microwave for a minute, approximately. Using the mixture in a slightly high temperature works better than at a low temperature.
Cleaning Hard Water Stains Using White Vinegar


If you’re doing the previous step, make sure the bottle doesn’t contain any pieces that may cause an accident.

  •  After that process, you should be ready to start cleaning. Grab the bottle, and start spraying the vinegar over the glass. Once you’ve covered all the spots, let the substance rest for three minutes, and then follow up by wiping it with a lint-free cloth. A paper towel would work too.
  • After that, the water stains should come off. Keep in mind that while we use vinegar with lemon juice, you could also combine it with water. In most cases, it will work.

Alternative: Using Salt and Water

White vinegar is a household item everybody can use, but sometimes we forget to get it at the store. However, there is an even easier method you could try, which is using a combination of salt and water. It is simple but highly effective.

How does this mixture work? The salt will act as a powerful scouring powder that quickly gets rid of most stains. Create a mixture using water, and then apply it over the stained surface. Then, grab the clean cloth and do circular movements over the stains.

When vinegar is not available, salt and water could work well enough to get rid of mineral buildup over glass surfaces. Of course, it may not work, but don’t you worry; We’ve got a couple more methods you could try.

Stronger Solutions for Harder Stains

There may come a time when the methods described above won’t do anything to the stains. Naturally, giving up is not an option, and you should continue trying until that glass door looks as spotless as it once did. Fortunately, we have stronger cleaning methods just in case.

The next cleaning methods are, quite frankly, trusting the removal of stains to strong formulas. Here’s how you do it.

Alternative: Using Toothpaste

Toothpaste, very much like vinegar, works splendidly, removing stains and marks over different surfaces, including glass doors. It is an alternative to baking soda, which is also good for cleaning purposes too.

  • Put a small amount of toothpaste over a wet towel and start rubbing over the stained surface, making circular movements. Make sure to cover every bit of the surface with a stain, repeating the process as many times as you consider necessary.
  • Then, wait for a couple of minutes, and then use an equal combination of water and vinegar to rinse off the toothpaste and every bit of residue.
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Alternative: Using Commercial Paste Cleaners

There are multiple commercial products for cleaning stains, and some of them are quite similar to paste formulas. The reason why you’d want to use these products is because they don’t leave streaks over the surfaces.

Unfortunately, these cleaning paste products do leave an unpleasant foggy haze if you don’t remove it completely after rinsing. To avoid these issues, make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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Measures to Keep Hard Water Stains Away

Similar to how you’d handle any other issue, to keep hard water stains away, you have to act quickly. If possible, treat the stains as soon as you notice. It could be tempting to leave them for later, but it will only cause you more trouble in the long run.

Measures to Keep Hard Water Stains Away

Use a lint-free towel to wick the moisture away from the doors as soon as you leave the shower. You would also want to clean the glass weekly to avoid any build-up.

Furthermore, you can go the extra mile and apply a protective coat of wax-based products a couple of times throughout the year.

Final Words

With the cleaning methods discussed above, you’ll no longer have to worry about stubborn stains sticking to your glass doors permanently. Getting the water stains off requires a couple of household items, time, and plenty of patience in case you don’t manage to remove the stains on the first try.

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