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How To Organize A Bubbles Workshop?

We are going to tell you how to make a soap bubble workshop for the youngest ones. This workshop can be applied to schools as well as birthdays. It is a great idea to hold this workshop on a birthday. Children will have fun as never before and will feel loved by the adults who will be with them at this time.

How To Organize A Bubbles Workshop?

Objectives Of The Bubbles Workshop

In a workshop of these characteristics we seek the development of certain basic skills and competences in the children.

  • Memory: Learn a method to make your soap bubbles.
  • Value in the simple: Have fun with soap bubbles.
  • Value in what you have done yourself: Make your own mix and your bubbles.
  • Social skills: Relationship and group play.
  • Sports skills: Running and jumping chasing the bubbles.
  • Fine Motor: Gently take a pump with your hands.
  • Diaphragmatic Control: Blow the pompero to make the bubbles.
  • Physics and mathematics:  (Optional) Explanation of how and why soap bubbles and their colors are formed.


We are going to do this workshop in groups of 5 people maximum. We believe that if there is more, the workshop will not be enjoyed as it should be.

The other option, if there are very few, is to do it individually.

children playing workshop bubbles

Materials For The Bubbles Workshop:

  • Plastic cups for mixing
  • One straw for a boy and a girl and some more
  • One plastic plate per group
  • Thick wool yarn or one absorbent
  • Barreños
  • Scissors
  • Two broom sticks
  • Long rope of cotton or that absorbs liquid.
  • Distilled water for the soap mixture
  • Glycerin for the mixture (optional)
  • Special concentrate for the mixture.

You can buy all of it on Amazon, here:

Mixture To Make Soap Bubbles

On this website, we have talked at length about the best formula to make soap bubbles that are resistant and long lasting . But we’ll review it just in case:

  • 1 measure of distilled water
  • 10% soap
  • 10% measurement of glycerin
  • 2% concentrated liquid for bubbles

If you have preferred not to use glycerin, you have the option to use the concentrated soap for bubbles that are sold. In that case, the formula would be

  • 1 measure of distilled water
  • 20% concentrated soap for bubbles
  • 2% concentrated liquid for bubbles

You must mix these ingredients remembering not to stir very fast so that the liquid does not lose strength and no bubbles appear.

Procedure To Make Bubbles

  1. We started making the mix. Each group will make it in their glass. It would be good if they pointed her to take her home.
  2. In the experimentation phase, children should create bubbles that are indicated, for example:
    • Leave a pomp on the table
    • Take a pump with the straw
    • Put two bubbles on the table, make them stick and then explode the membrane that joins them to make a large one.
    • Put a pump in the center and six of the same size around. Explain what happened
    • Continue putting bubbles around the previous ones with the same size. What does it look like now?
    • Try to make the biggest pump by comparing it with other groups.
    • These are some ideas. With imagination, you can create more exercises.
  3. We made, with the scissors, some cuts on one end of the straw to open it as an inverted umbrella. In this way we increase the area of ​​the mouth where the bubbles are made. Now we are going to try to do the same thing that we did in the experimentation phase (2).
  4. Now let’s go for bigger pumps. Pour the liquid from the glass into the plastic dish we have prepared and make a hole in the bottom of the glass . Now, if we put it upside down on the plate, we will have a bigger soap film. Blowing through the hole we can make much bigger bubbles. It is convenient that they take turns the glass in the group so that everyone can experiment.
  5. We keep growing. Now let’s make a bigger pompero. Distribute two more straws per group and a piece of thread about 1 meter. They should spin the two straws in the wool and tie a knot. By taking the two straws in parallel and pulling them will be a kind of rectangle. If they sink the thread in the liquid and move this improvised pompero, they will be able to create large bubbles.
  6. If you want, you can show them how to make bubbles with their hands. They should be wetted in the liquid, put in the form of “O” and blow.
  7. Taking advantage of the fact that their hands are wet, they can try to take the bubbles with their hands and play with them.
  8. Finally, you can let them play free or you can create a giant pompero with two broomsticks and the string (I’ll explain it to you at the end). Together all the liquids of each group in a basin (surely you should prepare more). By soaking the rope you will be able to make huge bubbles that the children will enjoy a lot.
Workshop bubble party


  • Advise children that the liquid can not be drunk.
  • Beware of contact of the liquid with the eyes.
  • If the water is templadita the mixture comes out better.
  • Keep an eye on smooth sliding floors. It is better to do this activity outdoors, where the soil is rougher normally.
  • See our recommendations to make the formula.
  • Go through the section of games with bubbles to inspire a bit for the workshop.

Pompero Of Brooms – A Solid Tip

  1. We need two ropes. One twice the other. For example: 60 cm and 120 cm.
  2. We tie the ends of the short rope to the ends of the broom handles.
  3. We tie the ends of the long rope to those of the small one.
  4. We cut the protruding tips and we are ready to make giant bubbles.

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