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How To Remove Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is making a comeback in recent times, but with a little bit of twist!

Want to know what’s in style these days?

Well, instead of the 70’s retro look and style, nowadays people prefer to make bold choices by utilizing different types of enviable woods including Shiplap, Tongue and Groove, Reclaimed wood etc.

How To Remove Wood Paneling

Thinking about giving your current décor a total makeover with one of these wood paneling?

Not so quick, my friend!

Before ripping the old stuff off the wall, you want to make sure that the drywall behind that timber panel doesn’t get damaged in the process!

Don’t worry! We will guide you through this journey with helpful tips and give you ideas about how to remove wood paneling in the easiest way possible in this article.

What Is Behind Wood Paneling?

Before you start hammering down the entire place, it’s probably a good idea to check what’s behind the timber panels beforehand!

In most cases, there exists drywall underneath the surface that holds the wooden frames up. That’s actually a good sign! Meaning, you will have a much easier time while redecorating the room!

What Is Behind Wood Paneling?

On the other hand, if studs are found behind the panels, then you might want to give it a second thought. Because, once you are done prying open all of the panels, you will need to install new drywall, which might cost a fortune if done professionally.

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How To Remove Wood Paneling Without Damage

Whether the timbers are installed on a wall or stud, it’s possible to remove both of them without leaving a scratch if you follow the instructions down below:

1. How To Remove Wood Paneling From Walls?


  • Crowbar with a flat end
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Wrecking bar
  • Plier
  • Putty knife
  • Heat gun (If necessary)


  • Get rid of all sorts of crown molding on your wall if it’s attached to the panels with the help of a crowbar.
  • Use your pry bar and hammer to open the first panel and determine whether it’s nailed to the wall it just glued on.
  • If the timber is nailed to the wall, then start removing all the nails with the help of pliers.
  • In case it’s attached with glue, find the seam between two panels and use a heat gun, chisel and hammer to lift up all the sections individually.
  • Once you are done removing all the parts, patch the nail holes by setting drywall putty inside it and remove all sorts of glue residue properly.

2. How To Remove Wood Paneling From Studs?



  • Use your hammer and pry bar to open up the boards.
  • Once they get loosened a bit, use a plier to remove the nails on them.
  • Stack up the discarded boards in a corner far away from the place you are working for safety purposes.
  • Repeat the previous steps until all of the parts have been removed.
  • Patch the nail holes by setting some drywall putty inside.
  • Once you are done with all the steps, install a brand-new drywall or wood paneling over the now-exposed studs as a finishing touch.

3. How To Remove Fake Wood Paneling?

Typically, fake wood paneling is a cheaper alternative to natural timber and doesn’t really last for a long time.

Considering the fact that the fake timber doesn’t have that much resale value after you rip it off, you don’t have to be too careful while prying these panels open.

Just use a pry bar and hammer to get underneath each piece and pry them open one by one till you get them all. However, keep in mind, if the boards were glued on to the surface, it will leave a sticky residue, which you have to clean up afterward.

How To Remove Paneling Glue?

Once all the boards have come off, you might see some glue or adhesive stuck to the partition.

Want to get out of this sticky situation?

Follow the instructions down below and get an updated drywall in no time at all!

Things Needed:

  • Paint scraper
  • Hairdryer/Heat gun
  • Medium-grain sandpaper/Electric sander


  • Scuff off as much glue off the partition as possible with the help of a paint scraper. You have to be gentle while doing this action, as too much scraping might end up damaging the surface beyond repair.
  • Glue still not coming off? In that case, you will need a heating machine, like a dryer or glue gun to apply heat directly on the spot and soften it up a bit.
  • Once the glue starts meting use the paint scraper to scuff off again until the glue peels off completely.
  • If there are still some stubborn pieces left, use sandpaper to sand the surface lightly. You can also use an electric sander for this purpose depending on the severity of the case.

Tips To Avoid Some Common Mistakes

  1. If you aren’t sure what’s behind your wooden board, then remove a small section, like, a piece of trim or a light switch cover to find out.
  2. Wear protective gloves and goggles for safety purposes.
  3. Before start working, remove all types of belongings, picture frames and furniture from that room. If not possible, cover them with a bed sheet to help keep them away from getting dirty.
  4. Consult a professional to get an estimation of how much it would cost you to install drywall after you are done removing the boards and then decide if it suits your budget.
  5. You can also paint or put a nice wallpaper over the boards if you decide not to remove the panels after all.

Final Words


That wasn’t too difficult, was it?

Truth be told, it’s pretty easy to get rid of the wooden boards if you have your hands on the right equipment. However, saving the partition that exists underneath is the real deal!

Hopefully, you have picked up some tricks and tips on how to remove wood paneling without damaging your interior from this article. If there’s still imperfection left on the wall, patch and paint over the surface and give your home the classy and sophisticated look you have hoping to achieve!

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