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Best Rope for Tree Swing [Top 5 Picks] Reviews

It felt awesome to write about something that brings joy to people. Yes, from toddlers to adults, everyone loves a good swing.

And the thing that brings about this happiness is the rope of the swing. If it isn’t strong and properly sized, then you are in trouble with your swing.

We’ve written this article to help you find the best rope for rope swing kit. Read on to know whether we’ve done a good job or not.

Things to Consider Before Buying Rope for Tree Swing

Let’s talk about a few important things that play roles in making a rope great. Now, you might not find a product spot-on in all of the aspects we will talk about. But try to find the rope that has most of these features.

  • Water Resistance

The material should help in draining the water efficiently. This way, you don’t have to take the rope down every time there’s a dark cloud in the sky.

  • Smooth Edges

The metal included in the kit must come with smooth edges. For, sharp metal edges can hurt the user. So, if you want to prevent any mishaps, consider this factor seriously.

  • Sturdy Strap

If there are straps, they need to be sturdy so that they can hold weight right. Also, the chains need to be made of quality materials.

  • Wide Seat

For the user’s comfort, the seat needs to be spacious enough. And if it has an attractive design and comfy surface, it would be awesome.

  • Long-Lasting Coating

Some products come with coatings that make them great in looks. But, you will find the coatings to peel off after some time. Make sure that your chosen product isn’t one of these.

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5 Best Ropes for Rope Swing

We’ve chosen to review some spectacular products. They are quite different from one another. See if any one of these sounds interesting.

1. Jungle Gym Kingdom Tree Swing Climbing Rope with Platforms and Disc Swings Seat (Green, 21″)

Here’s a great swing rope that will be gentle on the delicate hands of your kids. It comes with leg protectors for added safety and comfort. The kids can use it for both climbing and swinging. You will also like the platforms attached to the rope. It comes with proper texturing.

The model will be useful in the climber ladder, gym rings, etc. Now, some users have found the materials used in the rope to be quite sturdy, while a few of them aren’t quite happy. But, it should last long enough to make the money well-spent. After all, on our list, this is the best rope for a rope swing.

Now, as for drawbacks, it would’ve been great if the rope didn’t collect water, something that a few users have complained about.


  • Versatile, being useful in a lot of outdoor fun experiences
  • Leg protector for holding onto the rope with ease
  • Platforms, strap, and swing seat included


  • Collects water; so, not useful on a rainy day

2. Squirrel Products High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat with Plastic Coated Chains – Swing Set

Let’s check out an awesome swing bucket for 2-5 years of old kids. The bucket comes with a quality rubber. Also, the chains in this unit are of heavy-duty. You won’t have to worry about the kid falling off the bucket or anything like that. Also, the chain comes coated with plastic for the little ones to grab.

You can add this bucket to an existing swing set with the help of the hardware included. The bucket can hold 150 pounds of weight. And you can shorten the chain if you want.

Now, there are a couple of issues with it. A user has found the metal edges to be too sharp. And another customer is unhappy with the molding on the chains.


  • Very strong chain for the safety of the kid
  • The plastic coating on the chains for comfortable grabbing
  • Easy to install with the included hardware


  • Metal edges might be sharp

3. Sims-Tools – Tree Swing Hanging Kit Straps – 2 Extra Long Adjustable Straps 10ft and 2 Strong Carbines

This product we are reviewing comes with an easy installation process. You will also find the pouch to be extremely useful. With this in place, you can carry the kit easily. The straps in this model will serve the purpose of both kids and adults. And you won’t need a drill in installing it.

The kit includes a pair of carbines, two 10-feet long straps, and instructions. In terms of strength, the straps can hold weight, alright. And they come with great versatility. You can use them for hammock, as well as any swing set. However, one user has found the straps to give up within a year of using.


  • Very easy installation process
  • 10 feet long straps will go with both swing sets and hammocks
  • The carbines are sturdy


  • Hasn’t lasted a year for one buyer

4. Squirrel Products 2 Pack Heavy Duty Swing Seat – 66″ Chain Plastic Coated

Let’s talk about another quality product. This time we are reviewing a 2-pack option. The swing seats come with heavy-duty chains to ensure the child’s safety. And there’s this beautiful yellow coating on the chains that your kids should find attractive. The coating also protects the little hands.

Moreover, installing this swing seat will be a breeze. All you need to do is attach the hooks to the chain and the swing set. Now, there’s some confusion with the weight limit of the product. Though the description suggests that it will hold 250 pounds, it simply won’t.

Also, a user has found one of the seats to split within three months of use.


  • Quite affordable for a 2-pack product
  • Coating on the chains for protecting the hands
  • Easy to install and looks great


  • Wrong description regarding the weight limit
  • One buyer wasn’t happy with the durability

5. Royal Oak Easy Hang (4FT) TREE SWING STRAP X2

Here’s an excellent product that includes a pair of straps. What’s awesome about these straps is that they won’t leave any mark on the tree branch. Also, they won’t move while you are on the swing. Moreover, the carabiner hook should be sturdy for offering a secure swinging experience.

The straps will hold weight perfectly. They’ve gone with 2-inch straps rather than 1.5-inch ones so that these never come off with you on the swing.

And there’s a spinner included in the kit. Also, you will find the carry bag to be useful. Now, we haven’t come across any significant drawbacks to this product.


  • Straps do not move when you are using the swing
  • The weight carrying capacity is incredible
  • Quite long for allowing you to maneuver it easily


  • No significant drawbacks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding ropes for a rope swing:

  1. What type of rope is best for outdoor use?

The best ropes would be those made of polyester. You will find these very strong. They don’t stretch like nylon ropes. And they are resistant to abrasion.

  1. How do you make a rope swing for a tree?

First, you need to select a suitable tree. Then follow it by cutting the seat. After that, shape your seat. You also have to drill the holes for the rope to pass through. After that, you might want to do some painting. Then, attach chains to the seats and rope to the anchor shackles.

  1. How do you hang a swing?

First, take an eye splice for making a loop in any of the rope’s ends. Follow it by tossing the eye splice upward so that it goes over the selected limb of the tree. After that, position your rope. Then the plain end of the rope needs to go from one side of the eye splice to the other.

Once the plain end is snugly fit around the limb, you should repeat the process for positioning the other rope. Lastly, you choose the height at which you will hang the swing.

Final Words

So, have you liked any product in particular? Do any of these reviewed products look like it’s the best rope for rope swing? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Buy the product already!

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