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How to Remove Bathroom Mirror with Clips?

While redecorating the house sounds fun, more often than not, we encounter certain accessories that may look simple to remove, but they end up taking more time than expected. Such is the case of the mirrors, especially if they have backup clips that keep them in place.

Mirrors with clips can be difficult to remove, but not impossible. With our guide, you’ll be able to get them off your walls without damaging them or suffering an injury.

Have you got your tools ready? Then let’s begin!

Preparing for the Removal

Although mirrors are quite resistant, some materials may break them easily. That’s why you must make all the preparation before engaging with them. To remove the mirrors off the walls successfully, you’ll need several tools, which we’ll mention next.

how to remove bathroom mirror with clips


The tools you’ll need for this task are a screwdriver, which will have to be one of the flat tip models. Also, you’ll need a drill with variable speed, as it makes removing the mirrors much easier. Lastly, you may want to have someone else assisting you, especially if the mirrors are large.

How to Remove Bathroom Mirror with Clips?

Now, let’s start removing those mirrors!

Estimated Time: 2 minutes

Step One: Safety First

Mirrors can and will turn into a deathly threat if you’re not careful. That’s the reason we will be applying masking tape. Only 3-inch wide will be enough, and you want to put the tape on the mirror in three directions: diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. It will reduce injury risks.

Step Two: Unscrew the Clips at the Sides

Grab your screwdriver and unscrew the side clips. Repeat the process for each side of the mirror until you remove them. Then, you want to tighten the screws once again. Place the clips to the side, as we’ll need them later on.

Step Three: Loosen the Bottom Clips

Remember, you must loosen the bottom clips, but don’t remove them. If you do, it may result in the mirror losing its balance and crashing on the ground. We want to avoid that situation at all costs.

Step Four: Final Screws

Hold the mirror, and press it against the wall firmly. If possible, do it using one hand, as you’ll need the other to get the top screws and clips out. It sounds tricky, and it could be dangerous. Get someone else to assist you with this step if it becomes too much for you.

Step Five: Removing the Mirror

Get a firm grip on each side of the mirror, and lift it. Make sure it doesn’t feel slippery, as it may hurt your fingers. Worst case scenario, the mirror falls to the ground, breaking into pieces and hurting you in the process.

Step Six: Carrying the Mirror

Carrying the mirror could be dangerous if you don’t do it properly. For example, there are high risks of cracking while you carry the mirror horizontally. To keep that from happening, you want to do it vertically. At all times, grab the mirror only on the side edges.

You can watch a video explaining these steps visually on YouTube in this video:


Figuring Out the Clips

Another issue we need to sort out is how many clips are there. The amount varies according to the dimensions of the mirrors. So, it is not uncommon to find large mirrors that use a total of eight clips. Naturally, if the mirror is small, you won’t have to deal with that many clips.

What you need to know about the clips is that the anchors are what keeps them in place, attached to the wall. These anchors ensure that, after placing the mirror up, the weight doesn’t pull it down. As you can see, both clips and anchors work as a base to reduce risks of the mirror falling off.

Working with Plastic Clips

The plastic clips for mirrors have a cover to protect the screw. You can get rid of that cover by snapping over it, and thus, it will reveal the screw for you to remove it.

how to remove bathroom mirror

If you’re having trouble, slide the flat tip screwdriver slightly below the edge of the cover, and then pry it out. It should apply enough pressure to get the cover out.

Now, it’s time for the power tools. Grab your power drill, and use it to remove the screws that maintain the mirror clips attached to the wall. Start from the top corner, and then proceed with the screw located at the opposite bottom corner. Repeat the process to remove every clip.

Working with Metal Clips

Unlike the previous clips, these don’t have the cover that comes off. You’ll have to follow another pattern.

First, you’ll need to release the mirror from the bottom clips, which you can do by pushing it up. Once you lift it, proceed to take the bottom clips out using the drill. You may need to use a flat tip bit for the drill during this step.

Then, let the bottom slide down slowly, and it will release the mirror from the clips located at the top side.

Getting the Anchors Out

Removing the mirror clip anchors shouldn’t be that difficult. You can do it using the Philips head screwdriver. Insert it into the anchors, and pull them out afterward.

Alternatively, you could use a hammer to drive the anchor in or out of the wall. It may leave some damage, but that’s something that Spackle could fix in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, we have to do whatever it takes to get these accessories out.

Final Words

Removing a mirror with clips from your walls shouldn’t have to be a highly demanding task. With the right tools, you’ll be off to a good start already, and the information shared throughout this article will help you follow through.

If you don’t feel prepared, have someone else with more experience helping you out. Mirrors are responsible for nasty accidents when people don’t handle them correctly.  Nothing is more important than our safety, and that’s why we must perform this task with complete confidence.

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