How Does A Bubble Machine Work?

How Does A Bubble Machine Work?

Everyone, when we were kids, we played bubbles . The simplest systems consisted of a tube full of soap where we introduced a ring that was impregnated with it. When we took it out we only had to blow, not excessively strong, and the bubbles appeared. Later , the bubble guns appeared that allowed firing a string by pulling the trigger.

However, over time it has gone a step further and it has been decided to opt for enhancing the generation of flows of the same, creating visual effects much more prominent that fit into different events such as, for example, birthday parties. And, from there,  bubble machines have emerged , which allow us to use the basic principles discussed above to generate a large current of bubbles that can fill any environment with these small spheres.

How Does A Bubble Machine Work?

The machines of bubbles  or, also, of bubbles of soap work thanks to the following basic concept : forces a flow of air that passes through the rings wet in special liquid and that produces them . When operating electrically and can be activated or deactivated by its corresponding switch, we can have this effect permanently and continuously .

It can serve us both for small spaces in which we want to highlight a specific moment of the celebration (time to blow candles on a birthday) or, also, in larger areas where it is very difficult to fill everything with the bubbles: it can be a complement to those that the children themselves are launching, for example. Likewise, the use of soap bubble machines is not limited to children’s parties(although they are usually associated with them) since, by offering a professional result, it will allow us results that can be used in scenarios, in shoots of spots or video clips or other situations in which the bubbles are required to flood the area where the device is used.

Main Parts Of Bubble Machine

  • Fan: The fan is responsible for generating a continuous air stream that allows a constant flow of bubbles. In these teams, its main characteristic is the constancy of the blow and not the brute force. Although, the more power a fan has, the farther you can project them but the rest of the equipment must be prepared because if the current is too strong it will break the bubbles before generating them.
  • Shovels of hoops: It is the system that replaces the hoop of our childhood. It is a series of blades that get wet in the liquid to later stay in front of the air flow of the fan and allow the generation of bubbles. Most bubble machines use a grinder scheme that rotates in such a way that a part is always under the liquid and the upper rings against the air current.
  • Bubble fluid: Although soapy water can be used, to maximize the effect it is better to use the special liquid, of which we speak in an article dedicated to those related to special effects machines . Although there is one designed with oily base, which generate more resistant bubbles, they are heavier and need a greater power of the air current, so they should only be used in specially adapted equipment.

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