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Best Bubble Bath Soap for Toddlers Reviews

This is a very common question when it comes to making bubbles with soap. There are several types of soap that can be used to make them, but we must take into account what we want to use: professional, amateur or shower.

Soap For Bubbles

We have tried many types of soap and in the end we have stayed with one for its practicality and ease of getting it. We expose you to the three best soaps for bubbles and then we tell you which one we find that is the best of all.

  • Ivory or Joy:  These soaps work very well in every way. They are the kind of soap that goes well to make both large and small bubbles. The bubbles they make are quite resistant and you can play with them.
  • Dawn Ultra:  Dawn soap is excellent for all types of bubbles, especially for the bubbles to come out very resistant. That allows the giant bubbles to come out perfectly and last a long time. We could say that it is the best soap to make bubbles.
  • Fairy Ultra:  In general it goes well to make all kinds of bubbles. Giant bubbles are not your forte, although not bad. The small and medium ones come out perfect, resistant and durable.

At this point.

What Is The Best Soap For Bubbles?

What Is The Best Soap For Bubbles?

Well, although we have said that Dawn Ultra is the best that goes, has a drawback, like the Ivory or Joy. They are not easy to buy in Spain. They are very typical products in the United States, but not here. So the one that gets the winner in the list of best soap to make bubbles is FAIRY ULTRA. Yes, the Fairy soap of a lifetime.


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Bath Soap Consideration Factors – Things To Consider (Buyer’s Guide)

Bath Soap Consideration Factors - Things To Consider (Buyer's Guide)

Tested by Pediatricians

While a bubble bath soap isn’t exactly the most complex piece of the cosmetic and hygienic arsenal you and your kids will be using, it’s still important to know the product you’ve bought has been thoroughly tested.
Since these bubble bath soaps are generally used on kids, ensuring the particular formula you’ve bought has been tested by pediatricians is of utmost importance. Young children and babies have sensitive skin, so bathing them with a chemical solution that has some irritant or the other inside can cause your child to have a rash, or feel discomfort.

Chemical-Free Formula

Although some rough-sounding chemical ingredients must find their way into these bubble soap bottles, it is also possible to greatly reduce the content of these chemicals in bubble bath soap formulas.
And some manufacturers resorted to doing just that.
For example, some bubble bath soap formulas come completely free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, sodium benzoate, and benzyl. In general, it’s always better to get yourself a formula that’s free of potentially harmful chemicals than risk giving your kid a skin rash with some lower-cost bubble soap.

Organic Ingredients

One of the parameters of bubble bath soap formulas that’s become quite popular in recent years is the inclusion of organic ingredients.
It goes along the same line of abandoning the use of chemicals in these baby and toddler soaps. For example, a manufacturer of a bubble bath soap may advertise their formula to be made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, argan, aloe vera, and other plant-based ingredients.
Also, extracts of various pieces of fruit such as mango, figs, or papaya, can be added to enhance the aroma of the soap.

Top Five Bubble Bath Soap for Kids – 2020


Probably one of the most important thing that people who prefer baths over showers look for when they decide what to use in the bath is how often they can use what they want to use. There exist items like bath balls that make a bath really pleasing, but they are often not reusable and do not last a long time.

Something like that would be ideal for somebody who showers often and takes baths occasionally, but for someone who takes baths regularly that will not work. The one really good thing about the Mountain Falls bubble bath soap is that there is a lot of it that is available to use.

It will take a long time before it is necessary to refill this solution, which is good in the long term. It also has a very strong scent which can easily replace any kind of soap in a bath. This is very good for someone who takes baths regularly who does not care about having a lot of bubbles in their bath.

The reason the Mountain Falls bubble bath is good for anyone who does not care about having a lot of bubbles in their baths is because the aesthetics of the Mountain Falls bubble bath leave a bit to be desired.

Many users say that it takes a lot of the solution to produce a lot of bubbles. If you wish to use the Mountain Falls bubble bath to produce a lot of bubbles, you will need to use a lot of the solution, and this can turn off anyone who likes a lot of bubbles in their baths.


Anyone who takes baths occasionally more often than not wants their bath to be many times more pleasing than any shower they take. The definition of pleasing can mean different things to different people, but one of these definitions is that the bath smells really nice.

The Deep Steep bubble bath solution is very, very strong smelling and will effectively replace any form of soap or bath ball that anyone else would use in a bath.

There are many things to watch out for when it comes to the Deep Steep bubble bath. First, there is only 17 ounces of solution in the bottle. For anyone who takes frequent baths, this could present a problem. While it is strong, it still does not last long, and it will not take long before you will need to get another bottle.

Additionally, do not expect a lot of bubbles with the Deep Steep bubble bath. Many users have reported that it could take as much as a quarter of the bottle to create a bath with a lot of nice bubbles. And because there is so little solution in each bottle, this could present a problem. The Deep Steep bubble bath is not designed for anyone who takes baths regularly, and is designed more for those who takes baths occasionally.


A bath is not the same for an infant or a small child than they are for adults. There are certain chemicals in baths that may not harm adults that may harm infants and small children.

The chemicals in the Babyganics bubble bath are safe for infants and small children, and one of the best things about it is that it is possible for adults to use it in their baths as well. Many of its users have claimed that just a little bit of the solution can create a lot of bubbles in the bath.

Some have complained that it is possible for the Babyganics bubble bath can create too many bubbles, and things can get out of hand. Fortunately, this only happens if you use the shower head to fill the bath.

If you do not use a shower head to fill the tub, it will not create a lot of bubbles. So there are options when it comes to creating bubbles. This might not be an intentional thing from the developers of the Babyganics bubble bath, but it is something to keep in mind.

The fragrances and chemicals in the Babyganics bubble bath can cause irritation if the infant or small child who bathes with it has sensitive skin. If adults use the Babyganics bubble bath, they will also find that the fragrances are not as strong as they should be.


There are some bubble bath solutions that are specifically designed for infants/small children, and infants/small children only. The Mr. Bubble bath solution is exactly that. It comes in a two pack of 36 ounce bottles, so the Mr. Bubble bath solution lasts a long time and is designed for long term use.

Another good thing about the Mr. Bubble bath solution is that there is no soap or other kinds of cleaning solutions in it, so it is unanimously safe to use on infants and small children.

The problems with the Mr. Bubble solution is that it indeed does not contain any cleaning solutions. All it does is create bubbles. It has a bubble gum type fragrance, which is fine,

but it does not assist in cleaning any infant or small child who bathes in it.

So if you are giving your infant or small child a bath and you decide to use the Mr. Bubble solution, you will need to use your own cleaning solutions. The second thing to watch for is the longevity of the bubbles. The Mr. Bubble solution does create a lot of bubbles instantly, but they do not tend to last.

But, have not you said that it’s not going well with big bubbles?

It is not your strong point, but we have a wonderful liquid that will make our soap have nothing to envy: glycerin.

We have already commented how glycerin can help soap to make bubbles more resistant and durable. So with a little bit of glycerin in our recipe to make bubbles with Fairy, the shortcomings of this are totally covered and even improved.

Buyer’s Guide – Some More Considerations

Best Bubble Bath Soap for Toddlers Reviews


While the scent of the bubble bath soap can’t be described as its most important attribute, you still may want to know more about what the bubble soap you’re buying is going to smell like.
Now, the best way to figure out what the scent of a bubble soap is to open its lid and then smell it yourself. Of course, if you’re buying on the internet, look for product descriptions. They will say exactly what their bubble soaps will smell like, and you can expect some talks about essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and other scents. You can also find bubble bath soaps without any scent! (This is if you only need it to create bubbles, and for the scent, you use something else – like a bath bomb, for example.)

Essential Oils

Another big ingredient that you’ll find a lot in various bubble bath ‘arrangements’ would be essential oils. These represent plant-based extractions that are added to various cosmetic products for their pleasant smell, as well as for their alleged aroma-therapeutic properties.
So, if you’re looking for a natural scent in your bubble bath soap, consider buying a bottle that possesses some essential oils inside. Usually, manufacturers of these bubble soaps will gladly display the exact essential oils they’re using.

Non-Allergenic Formulas

One of the rare problems that can be caused by bubble bath soaps tends to be allergic reactions.
Now, if your kid has had allergic reactions to bath soaps before, or you suspect your kid might have an allergic reaction to it, you can opt to buy a soap that does not cause allergic reactions.
Luckily for parents who are experiencing these issues, these soap formulas are fairly easy to find because the manufacturers of these anti-allergy soaps will put this information on the label to make everyone know that their soaps are safe for use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Make a Bubble Bath Soap?

The recipe is quite simple:

Take half a cup of liquid soap, mix it up with water you plan to bathe in, and then add one egg white, and one tablespoon of either sugar or honey. The honey will help your skin absorb the moisture, while the egg white will help create more bubbles!

Can You Use a Bubble Bath Soap for Sensitive Skin and How?

There is a multitude of different bubble bath soaps out there on the market. Surely enough, you’ll be able to find one that is perfect for sensitive skin.

Make sure to consider carefully the description on the label and look for the phrase ‘sensitive skin’. Can’t be that difficult to find it.

How do we use the Fairy Ultra to make bubbles?

In the section ” Formula ” we tell you step by step how to make the mixture to make bubbles. It is explained in detail so that the bubbles come out perfect.

To summarize a little, we must make the mixture with a measure of distilled water, 10% soap, 10% glycerin and 2% of liquid for bubbles.

If you do not want to make the mixture or doubts between the soaps to choose we have another fantastic option that we also use often.

Is it possible to make a bubble bath with any ordinary soap or shampoo?

Yes, you can simply put your shampoo into water and have at it! Drop some food colors for extra fun. Of course, choosing a specialized bubble bath soap is better and safer for toddlers.

How old does a toddler have to be to have a bubble bath?

According to research, it is potentially dangerous for children before the age of 3 to take bubble baths, as the bubbles may get inside the urinary tract and develop UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

A Final Word – Our Personal Recommendation

Bubble baths are a thing of beauty and despite it being so fun to throw bubbles around, we want you to choose the right kind of soap. All this to make sure you stay healthy. This is reason we personally recommend you to buy:

Have fun playing around!

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