How To Make Colorful Soap Bubbles Snakes: Step by Step Guide

How To Make Colorful Soap Bubbles Snakes: Step by Step Guide

Very good! Today we are going to teach you how to make snakes of colored soap bubbles . To begin with, it must be said that a soap bubble will NEVER have its own color. As we talked in another post, the soap bubble is colorless and what it does is reflect the light that falls on it. What we can do is that between the bubbles of soap is some dye and look like we painted the bubble snake.

How To Make Colorful Soap Bubbles Snakes: Step by Step Guide

Bubble snakes have something hypnotic that children love . You can pick them up and play with them. It is a very fun activity that can be added to any workshop with soap bubbles.

Materials Required For Making Soap Clouds

To make soap snakes we will need the usual:

You can buy all these materials on Amazon, from here:

How To Make Soap Bubble Snakes: Step by Step Guide

Now let’s prepare everything to start making soap snakes.

  1. Cut The Bottles In Half

    The first thing will be to cut the bottles in half.   We will take advantage of both parties. The bottom of the bottle to make the mixtures and / or to put the dye. The part of the mouth to blow and make soap worms.

  2. Put Piece Of Cloth Wide

    We will use this last part of the bottle as a pompero . What we will do is put the piece of cloth in the wide part and hold it with a pair of elastic bands so that it does not move.

  3. Make Mix Of Soap & Water

    We make our favorite mix of soap and water to make the bubbles . In this case, with water and fairy will be more than enough. Do not worry much about the proportions for this activity with bubbles.

  4. Prepare Food Coloring

    Finally, prepare the food coloring. You can keep it in the pot with the one that comes or you can put it in a small dish where it fits the wide part of the bottle.

  5. Wet The Fabric

    We have everything ready, it only remains to start making snakes and worms or clouds of soap bubbles. Wet the part of the fabric in the soap and water mixture and blow it through the mouthpiece of the bottle to make a cloud of soap.

  6. Ink The Fabric (Optional)

    If you want to color it, ink the fabric with the food coloring that we have prepared and wet it in the mixture. Now the bubble snake is going to come out!

You should be testing if you have to wet or dye the fabric more or less. With 4 blows you will find the right measures.

How To Make Soap Bubble Snakes

This activity is very good to do with young children from 3 or 4 years. Enjoy the bubbles like nobody.

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