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Top 5 Best Wood Filler for Large Holes Review

The market has a lot of wood filling products to offer. However, when it comes to filling large holes, you need to be careful with the buying decision. For, not all units will serve the purpose right in such cases.
Now, we are here to find you the best wood filler for large holes. Yes, we’ve come with this review article where we will talk about some quality products out there.
From drying time to sanding capacity, these options have impressed us quite a lot. So, check out if the filler you are looking for is any of these.

Things to Consider before Buying Wood Filler for Large Holes

There are only a few things to look at when buying your wood filler. This is important to make sure that you have a pleasant wood filling experience.

Drying Time

If you are a professional, you will be cool with any wood filler, no matter how fast it dries up. But, for a newbie, it will be difficult to keep up with a rapidly drying wood filling product. So, make sure that the wood filler comes with moderate drying time so that you can execute your plans.

Size of the Container

If you have a large project on hand, it will be better to buy a large can. And if you are worried about the freezing or hardening of the filler, then look for a product that will allow you to add water to it. Also, using a microwave should solve the problems, if there are any.

No Shrinking or Cracking

Make sure that the product won’t crack or shrink. For, these are the worst kinds of problems it comes to wood filling products. Now, it shouldn’t be a tough job to find a product that is not flawed. And the best wood filler for big holes must be spot-on in this aspect.

Taking of Stain

If you want the filler to take stain, then you can read some users’ reviews to find out if it does that or not. Also, you might want to check out if the product will fill grains efficiently. And if you can’t stand the smell, buy a product that will come with minimal odor.

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5 Best Wood Filler for Large Holes

Here are the most impressive products we want you to check out. You will find them useful in all sorts of filling projects.

1. Minwax 21600000 High-Performance Wood Filler, 12-Ounce Can

The topmost product on our list comes in a good looking and easy-to-hold container. This thing will impress you with a decent hardening time. Yes, we are talking about 15 minutes over here, which should be perfect for both professionals and newbies.

Also, the product comes with an appropriate sanding time, and that is 30 minutes. So, you won’t have to hurry too much, and at the same time, it won’t keep you waiting for long. Now, this wood filler will serve the purpose of filling hardware as well as other wooden stuff.

Using it shouldn’t be difficult. Be it drilling, carving, or screwing, you can do it all with this thing. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about falling out or cracking of the wood filler. And the fact that it’s made in the USA should assure you of its quality. That’s why it’s the best filler for large holes in wood.

However, some might find the hardening time to be too quick.


  • 30 minutes sanding time allows the user to have flexibility in work
  • Doesn’t crack or fall out easily
  • Made in the USA for ensured quality
  • Perfect for drilling, carving, and screwing


  • Hardening time might be a bit too quick

2. Bondo 20082, Quart Home Solutions Wood Filler

Here’s another good product you might be interested in. The wood filler will serve a lot of purposes. You will find that it deals with rotten woods quite nicely. Also, it will fill woods on windows, furniture, and other stuff. Also, the filler can be easily sanded once it is dried.

You want to buy a product that will become a wood-like substance after drying. And that’s what you will get with this wood filler. It will allow you to shape or drill as you wish. So, I would recommend this product for home uses. It should bring the damaged woods back to life efficiently.

Now, there’s always a concern with wood fillers. You would worry whether it will accept stain or not? After going through a few customer reviews, we can say that it will accept paints and stains, alright.

However, the filler will get dry too fast. Therefore, you also need to be quick in filling wood if you want to get the best out of it.


  •  Easily sanded once it gets dried
  •  Becomes a wood-like substance after drying
  • Accepts stain very nicely
  • Efficient with damaged woods on doors and furniture


  •  A bit fast drying

3. Timbermate Wood Filler, Water Based, 8oz, Natural

If you are looking for a product that will be easy to use and prepare, here’s one good option for you. The filler will be useful in numerous jobs, especially the ones that involve interior repairing. Also, you can use it to repair edges.

So, it’s time you paid attention to the damaged window you’ve been planning to work on. Now, some users love their wood filler to have fast drying time. If you are one of them, you should be delighted with this can of filler. What’s more, there won’t be any wastage since you can scrape the excess.

The sanding performance of this filler is appreciably good. And it will last a long time. Also, it should accept stains without any problem. Now, what’s cool is that you can remove the filler anytime you want before applying the finish. Watering it down should solve any problem.

However, it smells bad and won’t fill grain properly. If you can get past these drawbacks, it will make a good purchase.


  • Drying time is moderate
  • Sanding performance is quite satisfying
  • Easily removable with water
  • No wastage with the scraping of the excess


  • Smells bad
  • Some might find the grain filling performance to be poor

4. Elmer’s Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler, 16 oz., White (E917)

This product we are talking about comes with an impressive color-changing filling process. First, it will be purple. And after a few moments, you will find it white. You can paint it, depending on the requirement of the job. Moreover, you will appreciate the fact that it’s non-toxic.

Moreover, this USA-made wood filler will be a great option for light dyers. The product comes with great versatility. You can use it for repairing any sort of defects on the wood as well as different types of surfaces. Also, there won’t be any cracking of the filler.

Now, there are a couple of issues. I’m not sure whether the filler will take stain as it should or not. And it might not be the strongest formula, according to one user. But, if you are looking for smoothing any rough painted surface or fill a small hole, you should be game.


  • Color changing filling process
  • Devoid of any toxicity
  •  No cracking or falling out
  • A perfect option for painting


  • Ability to take stain is questionable
  •  Not the strongest formula

5. Donald Durhams 076694000046 4-Pound Rockhard Water Putty

Let’s check out a wood filler product in the form of water putty. This bad boy will please you by not shrinking. If there are any holes in the wood that is bothering you, grab a can of this wood filler and fill them easily. It will also get along with stone and plaster.
In terms of strength, this is the best product for filling large holes in wood. You would be amazed at the hardness it shows once dried. Now, the recommended water to powder ratio is 1:3. But, if you want to change the amount of water, it will be cool. You will also find the filler easy to clean up.
The filler can be painted as well as drilled. And it will make a great possession for those working with epoxy fillers. Now, the filler might be a bit yellowish. And mixing it won’t be much fun.


  • Won’t shrink, crack, or fall out
  • Incredible hardness once dried
  • Quite easy to clean up
  •  Can be painted and drilled


  • A bit difficult to mix
  • Might be a little yellowish

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best wood fillers:

1. How do you fill large holes in wood furniture?

You can use a nicely cut wood piece to fill the hole. Also, using water putty will serve the purpose. You will have to wait for the filler to dry after that. Then you should use a shellac stick for filling the indentation.

2. What is the difference between wood putty and wood filler?

The putty is better weatherproof and known to last in outdoor projects. But, it doesn’t harden as the filler does. Also, it is plastic, whereas the filler is more like sawdust within a binder.

3. Can Gorilla Glue Epoxy be sanded?

Yes, it can be when it’s dried or cured. However, it will be difficult. You will need to use waterproof sandpaper for wet sanding, which is ideal for sanding dried epoxy.

4. How do you fill holes in exterior wood?

You should choose the wood filler that will match the wood color. Or you can paint the filled area once dried.
5. How long does epoxy need to dry before sanding?

You should wait for 24 hours for the epoxy to cut easily.

Final Words

Before making a decision, think about the requirement of the job you want to do. For, different types of wood fillers are suitable for different tasks. However, the best wood filler for large holes should be one of these reviewed ones. The features they come with makes them good options for various types of works.

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