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The Secret Formula to Make Soap Bubbles Resistant

Very good pomperos lovers! I’m sure you want to know what is the best formula or the best recipe to make soap bubbles. I’m going to tell you one thing, there is no single best formula.

The Secret Formula to Make Soap Bubbles Resistant

There are several, and each one goes well for each type of pump that you want to make. Yes, it is true that there are some that are more general than others and can serve us for everything.

The Effective Recipe To Prepare Soap Bubbles

Here we tell you the best formula to make soap bubbles. The recipe that suits us well. The perfect mixture so that the bubbles are big and resistant.

This formula will surprise you because it does not look like anything you have seen so far. We use this recipe, and we reveal to you that we have not discovered it ourselves, a professional who has only made shows with soap bubbles told us.

The “Secret” Measures Are:

  • 1 measure of pure water
  • 10% soap
  • 10% measurement of glycerin
  • 2% concentrated liquid for bubbles

With this mixture you will get some bubbles that will last a lot and will be very resistant. You can bounce them in your clothes or with your hand soaked in soap. Glycerin will give you that extra strength and duration and the concentrated liquid will help take off the pomp of the ring. In this way, the bubbles that you make will be easily separated from the hoop and will last you a long time.

The Effective Recipe To Prepare Soap Bubbles

Mixing Process

When mixing all the ingredients you have to do it smoothly. You must not allow foam to come out. If it happens, you will make the mixture lose strength and the bubbles do not go so well. In addition, the foam that remains in the ring will not allow the pomp that you create to separate well from the pompero and possibly burst or it will become weak quickly.

Therefore, you should mix gently with a rod, turning it constantly but slowly, until everything is well integrated. In this way you will make the mixture last between 7 and 14 days. When you observe that the soap precipitates you can try to mix again, but it will not be the same anymore. It is important to know this about duration. Do not make the mistake of throwing the dissolution as soon as we have finished with the bubbles. Save it, it still works.

Formula To Make Many Bubbles

Surely, some of you are more interested in doing a lot of bubbles than in a giant bubble, that’s why we tell you the secret recipe to make many bubbles at the same time. Now we will tell you how to make resistant soap bubbles and how to make many bubbles.

The Measures To Make Many Bubbles Are:

  • 1 measure of pure water
  • 10% soap
  • 10% glycerin
  • 10% concentrated liquid for bubbles

The only difference between this formula and the other is the amount of liquid for bubbles that we put. How much more liquid more bubbles. The concentrate serves to make the pump take off from the pompero more easily, so if we put more, the bubbles will detach before and many will come out at once.

This recipe for bubbles is ideal for automatic bubble making machines. These machines are prepared to make thousands of bubbles in a few minutes, so putting more concentrated liquid will help you do many more.

Formula To Make Many Water Bubbles

Pompels Without Glycerin

We know that glycerin can be expensive, although not difficult to find since it is sold at any pharmacy.

The recipe for soap bubbles without glycerin would be the same as before, but without glycerin, just water, soap and concentrated liquid.

  • 1 measure of water
  • 15% soap
  • 5% concentrated liquid for bubbles

If you do not have the concentrated liquid do it with soap and water with the previous proportions, although we strongly recommend the first formula or the second one.

Where Do I Get The Materials?

There are several options to make bubbles, both very cheap:

1. Buy Everything

Although it sounds expensive, it is not. Glycerin is about $11 a liter, which is nothing since we are going to use very little for each mixture. Pustefix concentrated liquid (for us the best) is about $9 a liter. And the Fairy is at $9 the 5 liters. Well, the distilled water would also have to be bought and it would come out for around 12 euros for the 5 liters. That is, for just over $31 you can have the perfect mixture of bubbles for what you want.

And the other option, which is an irresistible offer is:

2. Buy The Mixture Made

Yes friends, Pustefix gives us the concentrated soap with the mixture made. We only need to add water and blow. This liquid is for € 30 the 5-liter bottle. With this mixture you can make the best bubbles without having to worry if you have done well or not. It is possible that when making the mix you make mistakes of measures or when removing. With this concentrated soap it will not happen to you. So if you want to make quality bubbles do not miss this opportunity. Now that you know it, you can not get it out of your head.

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